xavier pokemon

Baby Snikt and Sneasel, Dad-verine and Ursaring

(if I were to give them more Laura would also have a Mawile/Riolu/Linoone/Absol/Genesect, and Logan would have Sandslash/Zangoose/Lucario/Excadrill/Scizor)

SPF 9000 and Sandile, Old man X and Reuniclus

(if I gave them more Caliban would have Umbreon/Blissey/Minccino/shiny mega Gengar/Lycanroc… day version, ironically. Charles would have Baltoy/Uxie/Alakazam/Metagross/Rowlet)

these are just some silly and fun ideas I had, but really just nonsense, pay my scribbles no mind~


There’s so much to love in this. 

  • Sasha and Kofi enjoying a bowl of delicious Booty-O’s cereal.
  • Big E telling Alicia to Leggo Sasha’s Booty-O’s.
  • Xavier Woods clearly playing Pokemon Go.
  • Truth and Goldust being an old married couple.
  • Sami Zayn talking to… absolutely no one.
  • Corey Graves and Cesaro telling each other where they buy their suits.
  • Curtis Axel trying to blend in with Graves and Cesaro.
  • Braun Strowman hanging out in the back, desperately trying to not look socially awkward.
  • D-Von getting annoyed that Bubba Ray is talking to Sin Cara.
  • Lana not really realizing she’s on television.

but Magneto would definitely be this lazy bastard who uses his power to drag his phone all across the world to catch pokemon

I love x-men, I love pokémons so YEAH CROSSOVER. Raven is hiding her true form, just like Mimikyu (•ิ_•ิ)

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