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Character Quirks

 Peter Maximoff

-Can’t sit still

-Constantly has ear buds in, even when there isn’t music playing

-Cracks his knuckles all the time

-Laughs at his own jokes

-Humming, all the time

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Kurt Wagner

-Doesn’t understand personal space

-Over salts/seasons his food

-Loves holding hands

-Is jumpy and anxious 

-Talks through movies

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Hank Mccoy

-Yawns loudly 

-Squints a lot

-Looses important things, like his glasses

-Gets excited about everything

-Calls rather than texts

-Always matches his socks

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Peter Parker (Tom Holland)

-Talks in his sleep

-Over shares everything that happens to him

-Needs reassurance

-Is horrible at naming movies, places, people, ect. refers to them generally and expects you to know what he’s talking about

-Is a horrible liar 

-Refuses to hurt any animal, even insects

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Bucky Barnes

-Is somehow never cold, AKA you always get his jacket

-Hands often clenched in fists without him realizing it

-Walks with long strides

-Reads every night

-Doesn’t understand Slang

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Barry Allen

-Always smiling

-Never takes anything too seriously 

-Talks too quickly

-Licks his lips a lot

-Buys you flowers to make up for every mistake

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Steve Rogers

-Stands with his hands behind his back

-Rarely curses

-Doodles a lot

-Gets excited about references to old things

-Always knows how to get places

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Erik Lehnsherr

-Sometimes speaks in broken german 

-Uses his eyebrows when speaking (raising them, furrowing them, ect.)

-Never sleeps in, meaning breakfast in bed for you

-Prefers listening 

-Is great at card games

Charles Xavier 

-Has an impressive vocabulary 

-Answers his own questions 

-Knows a lot of useless facts

-Constantly quotes things 

-Loves bad jokes and always laughs at them

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need you like air i breathe// old man logan

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Requested by @let-it-go-and-live-again 

I was wondering if I could request something? Where the reader can read thoughts and pick up energies from other people and the more she’s around Logan the more she realizes that she’s falling in love with him. Every time she brings it up, he gets angry and says it isn’t true and they fight, which leads into passionate “so what if I do love you?” kisses? Thanks!

This is pure angst probably up until the end. I couldn’t let it go… don’t kill me. The beginning of this is following the new timeline in DOFP.

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25 Movies You Have To See Before You Turn 25

1. Almost Famous

The exact moment I decided to be a writer was while watching Almost Famous. In fact I paused the film around halfway through because I was hit by a wave of inspiration and had to go write something. A poem, I think. I’d always written, but this film made it look like something one could do as a job, and that it might lead me on strange and interesting adventures. Mostly it’s a film about being different and weird and finding acceptance for it through your art, and that spoke to me on so many levels. I’m different! I’m weird! I write! Maybe I can do this?! Thirteen years later, I’ve still not been on tour with a rock band, but I do write for a living. Thanks, Cameron Crowe.
Daniel Dalton

2. Trainspotting

Taught me the following lessons:

Don’t do heroin.
Save your money.
Listen to your heart, not your friends.
Don’t do heroin.
Scotland is interesting.
Be careful who you pick up when you go to a club.
Don’t do heroin.
Always use protection.
Fries are called chips in Scotland.
Don’t hang around criminals.
Don’t have kids.

And don’t do heroin.
Norberto Briceno

3. Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams is the greatest documentary ever made and was what taught me to start thinking about privilege and poverty and how that relates to “following your dreams” or whatever, when I was a young stupid teenager constantly being told to follow my dreams.
Summer Anne Burton

4. The Breakfast Club

It will remind you that individuality is the key to being happy. You do you. Never pretend to be someone you’re not.
Anna Neyman

5. Laurence Anyways

Aside from having exceptional cinematography and a soundtrack you will keep listening to after the fact, Laurence Anyways grapples with gender identity in the 21st century and what happens to everyone around you when you do decide to transition. Not only that, but Xavier Dolan was an impressive 23 years old when he directed this film.
David Bertozzi

More movies to see here.

Entry 009 - Chamber

Art by Chris Bachalo

  • Name: Jonothon Starsmore
  • Code Names: Chamber, Decibel
  • First Appearance: Generation X #1 (Nov ’94)
  • Powers: Projects Fiery Psionic Energy
  • Teams Affiliation: Generation X, X-Men, Weapon X, New Warriors


Everyone remembers their first time. Kitty Pryde’s ended with her phasing through her bed, Iceman’s first time was alone in his bedroom, and Primal’s first time had him chasing down a girl till he could sate his desires. When Jonothon Starsmore’s mutant abilities appeared for the first time, the psionic energy he projected created a gaping hole in chest, destroyed his jaw, and crippled his girlfriend Gayle. The London native mutant had a nightmare to start his journey to the X-Men. That tragedy would shape Jono’s angry, sarcastic personality. For years he would push people away, preferring to be alone to hurting someone again. With his unique design and biting wit, Jonothon would take up the name Chamber and become a fan favorite X-Man.

Chamber was created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo. He was recruited to join the new Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, led by Banshee and Emma Frost and shipped off to Boston to join his new classmates. When he arrived at Logan International Airport, he was attacked by the vampiric mutant, Emplate. Luckily, his new Generation X classmates and teachers were there to ward off the attack. Jono did not quickly bond with his new classmates, preferring to wallow in self-pity over his condition. He showed bravery and potential in many battles, including single-handedly defeating X-Men for Omega Red. Chamber began bonding with the high strung Paige Guthrie, the sister of the then X-Force leader Cannonball, known in her own right as the mutant Husk. As he taught Husk to relax they began to develop an on-again/off-again romantic relationship. Jono also began to bond with his teammate Angelo Espinosa (known as Skin due to his grotesque mutation that left him with six feet of extra skin and turned his existing skin a grey pigment) due to their shared physical deformities. The two even went on a road trip that involved hitch hiking with none other than Howard the Duck. When the school was eventually closed, Chamber was offered a position on the X-Men proper but he did not feel he was ready and went home to London.

Art by Chris Bachalo

While in London Chamber began dating pop star Sugar Kane and living a life of excess. The two often appeared in tabloids together, as her dating a mutant was considered scandalous. A story leaked to the press that she was pregnant with Jono’s child and Kane was kidnapped by an anti-mutant group. Chamber, alongside the X-Men who were in London for other reasons, rescued her before she admitted the truth. Their relationship was all a publicity stunt, a way for Sugar to make headlines by dating someone who was very distinctly a mutant, she didn’t love him, she wasn’t pregnant, it was all a lie. Chamber was devastated and returned with the X-Men back to Westchester. He was a valuable asset to the team (during Casey’s Uncanny run) and was able to assist when Mystique’s Brotherhood attacked Paris.

Art by Ian Churchill

Chamber was given his own self-titled mini-series in 2002, written by Brian K. Vaughn with art by Lee Ferguson. After a bombing at Empire State University killed six mutant students, Chamber enrolled, under the direction of Xavier, to sniff out the anti-mutant group responsible. His investigations lead him to meet Gigi, the leader of the mutant tolerance group whose members were killed. Gigi was distraught as her boyfriend was killed in the blast but she pointed Chamber in the direction of the genetic purity group Purity. Chamber also developed a friendship with fellow mutant Amber, he confided and in who he really was and why he was really here in return for help on the investigation. Jono came to the conclusion, based on energy readings that appeared at the crime scene, that the bombing was caused by a mutant. Furthermore his investigation showed that Gigi’s boyfriend had similar explosive powers to Chamber’s. He rushed to confront Gigi and found her holding Amber at gunpoint. Gigi admitted it all was an accident and her boyfriend couldn’t control his powers so she covered it all up. Chamber and Amber were able to subdue Gigi and turn her into the proper authorities. Xavier was impressed with Chamber’s performance and wanted to give him increased responsibilities in the field, but Jono refused. This experience showed him he had much to learn and he requested to be removed from active duty as an X-Man.

The next few months of Chambers life did not go so well. Husk began dating the much older Angel, even though Jono and her hadn’t been together in a while he always felt like she would be there for him. Worse, two of his former Generation X teammates, Jubilee and Skin, were crucified on the lawn of the Xavier Institute and Angelo would not survive the experience. I’m going to take a second here to point out that all those bad things were part of the WORST run of X-Men ever by Chuck Austin, please don’t read them, they go so far past “so bad it’s good” it isn’t even funny. Jono was crushed and directionless after these experiences and volunteered to infiltrate the Weapon X program as a mole for Wolverine. After a bar fight with the X-Men where he got to punch Angel in the face (see incredibly satisfying picture below), Chamber was approached by Brent Jackson, the head of the new Weapon X.

Art by Georges Jeanty

Jackson saw that Chamber was a very powerful mutant who was disinterest in Xavier’s dream. He offered to fix Jono’s broken body in exchange for him working for Weapon X. Chamber’s initiation mission was to assassinate the U-Man leader, and mutant organ trader John Sublime. While he wavered with this decision, Chamber worked with the black ops team to attack and kill Sublime. Chamber continued to investigate the program, including the Neverland mutant concentration camp, and reporting back to Wolverine. He was unfortunately brainwashed by the program and forced to work for Weapon X for real. Fate played against Chamber during a large battle for Weapon X that happened on M-Day. The device that healed Jono’s injury failed. The Decimation wave hit him. He lost his mutant abilities and was left with a gaping hole in his chest.

Art by Ramon Bachs

Jono was put on life support and worked with a Dr. Hartley to repair his mind psychologically. When Pete Wisdom came to talk to Chamber about how the New Excalibur could help him recover, Jono was spirited out of the hospital. Jono awoke to find that his chest had healed with a large tattoo on it, his skin turned grey, eyes blood red, and he had blue lips. Hartley revealed that the Clan Akkaba, worshipers of Apocalypse, healed him with Apocalypse’s blood. The same blood that runs through the veins of the Starsmore family. He refused to join the clan and ran away. When Excalibur caught up with him and offered to save him, Jono lashed out telling them “Not everyone wants to be saved. Not everyone wants to play dress-up as part of the brand-spankin’-new-X-Men-team-of-the-month… Some of us just want to be left the hell alone.”

Art by Scott Kolins

Jono was eventually pulled back into the superhero game by his old teammate, Jubliee. He joined the latest incarnation of the New Warriors as Decibel. To replace his lost powers he acquired a vocal harness that gave him a sonic scream and the ability to make hard light objects. He said his old powers could only destroy and these new ones would give him a chance to create. When the Warriors disbanded, Jono made his way to the mutant island nation of Utopia. The mutant Legion accidentally warped reality around Utopia causing the Age of X to occur. While most everything was reverted back to normal, the event reignited Chamber’s original mutant powers and appearance. He went with Wolverine during the Schism and ended up mentoring students with physical deformities thanks to their mutation. He has yet to appear in the post-Secret Wars universe.

Art by Rafa Sandoval

Must Read

Chamber has been a part of many runs but his best appearance remains his first. Generation X by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo is a fantastic teen superhero book. Chamber gets quickly established in that series and becomes a very dynamic character. Modern readers should recognize both names on this creative team and may have strong opinions on them. Let me assure you this is not the Lobdell that turned so many readers off Teen Titans or Red Hood & the Outlaws, this is the man at his best. A loose narrative that doesn’t lose sight of its’ characters and characters that are almost all three dimensional out of the box. This is an earlier Chris Bachalo with less of the messy, sketchy style that he is known for today, but just as experimental and innovative with his designs as ever. Look at Chamber or Emplate and you can see why Bachalo is as highly acclaimed as his is today. This series is poorly collected, only issue #3 is on Marvel Unlimited. There are two print collections, Generation X Classic Vol 1 & 2 but they only collect the first 11 issues. This is one that isn’t hard to find in long boxes and tracking down the floppies is one of the only ways to read this great series as of now.

Art by Chris Bachalo


Chamber keeps showing up. Even when people don’t really know what to do with him, he keeps showing up. He is a character that artist want to draw, and writers want to write. He is angry and brooding without going full Anakin Skywalker. He is visually stunning and always sticks out in a crowd. He is someone with so much break out potential, he just needs to be on the right team at the right time. He is pretty comparable to Glob Herman as a fan favorite student but I think the nod goes to Jono thanks to his longevity and better character work. I am also going to push him above Rachel Summers because I think at the end of the day, he is the more interesting and dynamic character. I am going to be more excited to see Chamber light up a page than I am Rachel. Plus this is my list so I can put him where I want. That puts Chamber comfortably at #3 in the Xavier Files.

Chamber was requested by /u/johnlongest & /u/jbaum311 on reddit. Thanks for the request! If YOU have a character you want me to do, send me a message on my Ask Box and I’ll get it added to the list. If you send it anonymously I can’t respond privately to you which means if there is an issue or something I think you should know, I can’t tell you and who wants that. I am pretty well booked with requests will April so don’t be shocked if it takes a little bit to get to yours, I am on it! Thanks for reading!

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You seem to have good taste for fics so can you recommend me cherik where they're old?

I love reading fics where they’re older, especially picturing McKellen!Erik and Stewart!Charles <3 Here are the ones that I’ve read and enjoyed~! (There’s a couple of comic-verse and xmen evolution)


All My Precious Secrets - tomato_greens (PG)
Five times Professor X’s students were oblivious, and also one other time.

Castles Are Overrated (Room Enough for Two Remix) - Unforgotten (PG)
Although they’ve already more or less eloped, Erik isn’t ready to propose to Charles quite yet, and it might be a while before that changes.

Everything About It Is a Love Song - pocky_slash (PG-13)
Erik’s spent fifty years being a figurehead and he’s ready to leave that behind. Luckily, so is Charles.(aka Old Retired Dudes in Love)

FDA Approval (Not) Pending - firstlightofeos (PG-13 |Domestic!fic)
Charles likes blue M&M’s, he does, but he just wishes Erik would explain why he keeps leaving them on Charles’s pillow—and why there are never any other colors.

For Answers in the Pages - littledust (PG |Canon!AU |Domestic!fic)
When the Museum of Mutant History opens, Erik coordinates a field trip. The day does not go as planned.

Fossils - Unforgotten (PG |Married)
Fifty years after they parted on a beach in Cuba, newly-married Charles and Erik visit a different beach.

fossils (the something old, something new remix) - pearl_o (PG-13)
Their honeymoon is more low-key than not, which makes a change from the majority of their relationship to date. Charles appreciates the change.

Get Out of Town - firstlightofeos (NC-17)
Frustrated with Charles and Erik’s inability to act like rational adults even in their seventies, Mystique sends them on a vacation to figure out their feelings. (Alternately: Old dudes in mangsty schmoopy love).

Get Out of Town (On the Road Again Remix) - Unforgotten (NC-17 |Marriage Proposal)
When Erik finally returns to Charles fifty years after the beach, it’s a lot more awkward than either of them would have anticipated, and it takes a trip away for them to figure things out.

Green Door (The One Suitcase Remix) - pocky_slash (PG)
It’s been a long time. Retirement isn’t such a bad idea.

Is It Too Much to Ask - Unforgotten (R |Humor |Pining |In Denial!Charles)
As often as Erik has kidnapped Charles over the past few years, and as many glorious opportunities as have presented themselves, it is both surprising and appalling that they still haven’t fucked yet.Or: five times Charles and Erik didn’t have sex, plus one time they did.

Necessary Downtime - Unforgotten (PG-13)
Things at the school have gone to hell in a handbasket lately, leaving Charles overworked and sleep-deprived. This isn’t really the best time for Erik to show up for a quickie…

Never Alone - RavenXavier (PG |Marriage Proposal |Fluff)
“You’re going to make me ask the question, aren’t you ?” Erik asks.

Proposal(s) - cm (mumblemutter) (PG |Marriage Proposal)
“Never too late.” “To let go.”

Provincetown (The All I Ever Wanted Remix) - pocky_slash (PG-13)
Four places Charles and Erik didn’t go on vacation and one place they did.

Something Elemental - firstlightofeos (NC-17 |Time skips)
5 times Charles smells amazing, and one time he doesn’t (but Erik thinks he does anyway).

the king doesn’t like to wait (the q & a remix) - pocky_slash (PG-13)
Charles wasn’t lying when he told Erik he wasn’t bothered by the sex tape. He’s not, intellectually. However, being confronted with an entire lecture hall of students thinking about his sex life in graphic detail is another matter altogether.

The Life They Live There (The Love Grows Best in Little Houses Remix) - Unforgotten (PG)
Eight months ago, Erik came for Charles with a ring and an offer. Their life together hasn’t been anything like Charles always imagined it would be, and now that he has it, he wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

The O(l)dd Couple - winterhill (PG-13 |Genosha)
Futurefic, fixit, fluff. In public, Erik and Charles are immensely powerful and charismatic world leaders. In private, they’re a pair of stubborn old men.

The Winter of Banked Fires - Yahtzee (NC-17 |Post-XMFC/X-3 |Het (Logan/Rogue) |Telepathic!sex |Old dudes in love}
Charles Xavier has returned from the dead — but is lost within his own mind. Rogue has cast aside her own power and doesn’t know where she fits in the world any longer. The production of synthetic Cure means mutantkind itself is newly at risk. And Magneto, turned human against his will, is in despair until the day he feels a familiar consciousness tugging at his own —Set after X-3 (with much desperate fix-it applied), during XMFC, and every time in between.

Winter Song - ikeracity ®
They manage to make time to be together on New Year’s Eve 1999 into 2000.

You Ought To Give Me Wedding Rings - fengirl88 (R |Marriage Proposal)
It’s not exactly a well-kept secret, after fifty years. The way Erik looks at anyone who looks at Charles is a louder statement than any wedding ring could ever be. But if there are going to be rings, then of course Erik wants to make them himself.


a little tomorrow (can make up for a whole lot of yesterday) - acetamide {PG-13 |Post-DOFP}
The first time that Logan sees Magneto in the new future, he is so startled that he walks into the wall.

Birthdays (Oldest We’ve Ever Been Remix) - Unforgotten {PG |Fluff |Post-DOFP}
On Charles’ ninety-first birthday, he gets a glimpse of another birthday, one he never experienced. Naturally, he can’t resist sharing it with Erik.

But Also The Sex Thing - zamwessell (greencarnation) (PG |Crack |Darkest Timeline)
Professor X and Magneto have a few additional instructions for Logan, as long as, you know, he’s going to be back in time.

Coda - helens78 (PG |Post-DOFP)
Logan’s just a little surprised by some of the teaching staff in his new future.

Even At The End Of The World - listerinezero (PG |Post-DOFP)
Erik’s quiet morning is interrupted by a visitor from the past.

How It Should Be - jesslikesthebeatles (PG |Post-DOFP)
The mansion was more full than Logan had ever seen it and the love and affection that the school contained practically radiated from its walls. It wasn’t the same as before, Logan realised - it was better.

However Brief - PRcrazy (PG-13 |Darkest timeline)
Magneto’s last moments at the Chinese temple. Maybe that was how one knows a wound is fatal, by how much it hurts.

Lessons Learned - Gerec (PG-13 |Darkest timeline)
Their last moments in the temple.

Never of Any Use to Oneself (Older and Wiser Remix) - Unforgotten (PG |Darkest Timeline |Humor |Canon!AU: Mid-DOFP |Old dudes in love)
Erik’s about to have a conversation with his younger self. Charles preps him beforehand, to Erik’s annoyance.

Pace is the Trick (The You Could Have Better Timing Remix) - Red (NC-17 |Darkest Timeline |Telepathic sex |Humor)
After a half-century of nothing, one would hope Erik could manage the grace to rekindle their relationship someplace a touch more romantic than “trapped in a closet, hunted by Sentinels.”

Past Imperfect - bethskink (PG-13 |DOFP |Darkest Timeline)
The four of them lived like they were on one long damn road trip. Sharing food, and farts and beds. Logan could tell you exactly what time of night Magneto would let one off, or how tense Storm was by the tapping of her fingers. A jet is too small for privacy and when you’re living on the run, you learn to make peace with people in strange ways. Logan, Magneto and Xavier share a rare, peaceful night in the dark future.

Playing Telephone - pocky_slash, Readbyanalise010 (PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Old dudes in love |Domestic!fic |Humor |Logan/Rogue)
Charles hates voicemail. Therefore, waking up to three of them is not a great way to start his day, nor is finding himself at the center of an angry back and forth between his sister and his niece. All he wants to do is get through the next few days so he can leave on vacation with his husband, but he can already tell it’s not going to be that easy.

Recommended for You - ienablu (PG |Post-DOFP)
Logan has more questions than can be answered before Charles has a class he needs to teach, and so Logan turns to searching the internet for answers. Which is how he finds himself, half an hour later, watching a video called “Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr Do Impressions of Each Other.”

Remaking History - fengirl88 (R |Post-DOFP)
It’s a long time since Erik’s had this dream, though he used to dream it all the time in the months after the fiasco at the White House.

Rescue Me - Unforgotten (PG-13 |Darkest timeline)
Against all hope, Charles and Erik reunite at the beginning of the Sentinel War.

Rest for the Weary - thedeadparrot (PG-13 |Darkest Timeline)
A quiet moment between Charles and Erik before they join up with Kitty in the darker future of Days of Future Past.

sing me to sleep - pocky_slash (PG-13 |DOFP: Darkest Timeline)
Four evenings Charles and Erik managed to get some rest in the midst of dark times, and one morning they have all the time in the world.

Stolen Time - Kantayra (PG |Darkest Timeline)
Erik had known that Charles was the love of his life for 52 years by the time their lips finally met. At the end of the world, here are a few of those moments they finally stole back.

Surviving - Phlogistics (PG-13 |Post-X3 |Darkest Timeline)
Erik’s life very nearly improved when the world ended.

The Calm - allourheroes (PG |Post-DOFP |Future)
And what became of Magneto?
Sequel: Looking Forwards (Backwards) - allourheroes (PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Future-fic)
The history of Erik and Charles that Logan has missed, as shown through Jean and old photographs.

the continuing search for hope - pocky_slash (PG-13 |Darkest Timeline)
In the half-second between life and death, between Logan sleeping and waking, Charles and Erik get a glimpse of the timeline re-writing itself for the better.

The Sinking Ship (The Last Chance Remix) - listerinezero (PG |Darkest Timeline |Sick!Charles |Protective!Erik)
Charles gets sick while they’re on the run from the Sentinels, but Erik is there to care for him.

The Sky is Falling (and through it all I hear your voice) - interrobangme (PG |Darkest Timeline)
Based on a prompt from the kinkmeme: “Let’s have the thing that everyone wanted but didn’t get to see before the timeline ceased to exist: old Charles and Erik reconciling during the Sentinel war.”

Ties - Unforgotten (PG)
There are several very good reasons Erik doesn’t get to give important speeches in the new timeline.

❤To Keep Faith - Jennistar (PG-13 |Post-DOFP |Darkest Timeline)
Charles meets Old Erik. Old Erik has a request.

We Can Still Have Fun (The Annotated Edition) - pocky_slash (PG |Post-DOFP | Multimedia)
Xavier, Dr. Charles F. Children of the Atom: Mutants in the 1960s. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1994.

Lehnsherr, Erik. The Next Stage of Evolution: How Human Politics are Stifling Mutant Growth. New York: Posthuman Press, 2002.


Simulacrum - perryvic, Zaganthi (Caffiends) (NC-17 |Comic-verse)
He supposed it was telling that Erik kept trying to build things, from small gadgets right up to mutant civilizations.

Going to the Chapel - citizenjess (givehimonemore) (PG |XM Evolution |Wedding |Getting married |Fluff |Humor)
Charles and Erik get gay married, “X-Men: Evolution”-style! Takes place some time after the series finale.

Make Up For Lost Time - citizenjess (PG-13 |XM Evolution)
On the return trip to the mansion after seeing “Wicked,” Charles and Magneto find that the play hits a little close to home.

The Proper Care and Feeding of Professors - citizenjess (PG |XM Evolution |Sick!Charles)
Erik plays nursemaid to a flu-ridden Charles. Set post-“Evolution” in the (incredibly lazy) “Those Who Can’t, Teach” and “Make Up For Lost Time” universe (i.e.: Erik and Charles are assumed to be in a committed relationship).

Wednesday - Red (NC-17 |Human!AU)
Getting confined to a nursing facility for a six-week course of iv antibiotics would have been dreadfully dull, had Charles not found a way to “occupy his time.” In which Erik Lehnsherr, retired nazi hunter, becomes the latest victim of Charles Xavier’s charms.