After 123456789 years,

Our club adviser announced the editorial staaaaffff :)

And they are:

Editor-in-chief - My stupid BBF, Armando Razon Jr

Associate Editor - The pretty Kylie Dodson

Literary Editor - The tenacious Enna Hermoso

News Editor- The great Kat Petilla

Sports Editor- The ironic Xavier Gregorio

Features Editor - buffering xD

Managing Editor- Roselle Habana ( that’s me! WOOOOOOOOO)

Anyways, I’m so happy to have at least achieved something awesome in the course of my two years of being a Young Journalistic Writers Group member. 

We’re going to work our butts off because the deadline for the first edition is next month: October.

I’m excited and anxious at the same time. 

For that I deserve a self five and a burrito:

Since I’m a fat kid, make that TWO burritos.

Actually, I haven’t tasted a burrito yet,and it does not look appetizing at all so I will give myself a self five instead :)

Fab 4: Xavier Gregorio

Xavier Gregorio

He’s fabulously awesome.

I am sooooooooooooooooooo super ultra mega duper thankful from the bottom of my heart that I have the wonderful opportunity to have him as a fab. Yes, I think that out of all the fabs, I often deprive him of appreciation.

We’ve been in the same barkada for years but our fabness bloomed to the maximum level only last year. I used to think that he only tolerated my magnificent presence because I’m close to his friends. But now I realize that it was I who tolerated his presence. Haha, Kidding :))

What makes him very very unique and special is his ability to accept the lemons offered by bitchy life and literally squeeze the proverbial lemonade out of them.

Exhibit A

He has this deadly bad luck. Bipedal locomotion doesn’t seem to agree with him. I swear, he cannot walk on a flat surface without something to trip over. Instead of retaliating with anger when he clumsily slips, he’s the first one to laugh with a witty comeback on the tip of his tongue, ready to make all the witnesses laugh hard. 

Exhibit B

He enjoys the best of both worlds. (If you get what I mean) But instead of trying hard to conceal the truth, he chose freedom. He chose to embrace it with open arms. He doesn’t try to be what he isn't He was born that way, bitches. 

Exhibit C

He believes that his sex appeal is equivalent to that of a chair. —> REALLY HILARIOUS. Regardless of this fact, he continues to exude confidence. (He tries, at the very least) I never saw him sit and be all emotional while comparing himself to other dudes. (He whines and he hates a lot,though)

Exhibit D

He is the Ironic Sports Editor. He is miles away from being sporty but that is his position. He accepted it with jolly good humor and he chose to be the most fab sports editor the The Josephian can have.

He’s truly and amazingly amusing. He makes me laugh with every weird thing he says or dangerous stunt he does. 

He is direct and true. He says what he feels, and he acts according to his beliefs. I admire him so much because he unrelentingly chooses to be happy and fab. This is why he has my unyielding support. 

He is loyal and protective. I remember this particular time when we had a shoot for our documentary. I had our other classmates tell him that I wouldn’t be able to come to our shoot. I asked them to invent stories in order to annoy him or make him mad. They practically slandered my good name, but he surprised us all when he got mad at our other classmate and not at me. He said that they didn’t have the right to whine because I probably had a valid reason for not being able to come to our shoot. I’m still so touched by what he said. *clap* *clap*

He has good taste in music. Haha. We like the same singers and bands. He is also a great conversationalist. He can keep up with almost any topic under the sun except  sports and the people on his hate list. He is very knowlegeable about things even useless things.

He stands up and fights for what he believes in. This is always justified by his head-tilted-to-the-side-with-his-uber-jaw-exposed-in-all-its-glory pose. This can become a problem if you have the opposite opinions because he can be more stubborn than a black mule.

He is family-oriented. His fully-loaded meal with the trusty banana can attest this fact. He is a tolerant kuya to his two little sisters. He is also a seemingly obedient son to his parents. That’s the key word there-seemingly. haha

He can be surprisingly generous so always grab the opportunity if he treats you. Be it a candy, it doesn’t matter, you take it cheerfully and cherish it with all your heart.

He is very good at techno-geeky stuff. He’s a kickass lay out editor and a double-purpose programmer and web developer. An achiever, to sum it all up :)

He is a little moster. He worships Gaga. haha He abhors insignificant fame-hungry creatures-Chicser, Jamich, and the like. 

He can be quite touchy and sensitive when it comes to his hair and the impending doom/escape- graduation. He is actually worried about us losing contact with one another. I admit, it’s bothering and saddening.

He is like the combination of a black woman and Fat Amy wrapped up in a package with shiny gold ribbons. 

His ability to publicly speak without a carefully written script is unfairly admirable. He can present a report without memorizing a script. He works with a pattern or flow of the topic. 

He is fun to be with. If you have the same sense of humor, you’ll never run out of things or people to laugh at. If you know how to be insultingly mean (with limitations) then you’re on the same page as him.

If you don’t have someone like Xavier as a fab, I feel sorry for you. Really.

He has a lot of alter-egos(Is this hyphenated? Nevahmind xD) The combination of all of his personas make for the perfect combination of one of the world’s most fabulous human beings-me. Ay joke. HIM. haha

Xavier, Happy Birthday in advance! Sayo lang ako napressure magsulat kasi advanced birthday gift ko to sayo. Haha. I hope you have the feels after reading this. I hope you cry so hard you won’t be able to breathe or eat. Then, maybe you’ll lose the extra pounds you have. You’re welcome. Haha Peace!

Sa lapit ng bahay ko sayo, pag nagkalimutan tayo may mali na talaga. 

I’m always praying for your happiness, success and good health. At tungkol sa sex appeal, walang fab na may konting sex appeal, baliw. Ang meron tayong mga fab ay karisma. Alam mo yan. haha. Happy Birthday! Love you!