praestigii asked:

drops my url here for the icon meme ;;

send me your url and i’ll post 3-5 icons that sum up my muse’s feelings on yours

A sort of fraternal affection. He’d never admit it, but there is a part of him still around from when he was himself, and that part likes clinging to the past.

Exasperation, because, hearts, kid, that question could’ve been a yes-or-no, a sentence tops, and now he’s getting an entire scientific lecture on why things explode in the microwave or some other random thing.

Uncertainty, because he’s never been able to pin down where Zexion’s loyalties really lie. If they’re with Vexen - where he suspects they are - he has to figure out how to use that to his advantage.

An entertained respect, because Zexion never fails to surprise him. Whether Zex knows it or not, the information Xigbar passes on to him - think the whole ‘Chamber of Repose’ scene - is the closest to a sign of trust most people get.


He’s sorry.

He didn’t know it would be this way, not really.

He didn’t think it would have to end.