A NezuShi family photo with Mao - requested by xares-nyan. I hope you like it! Somehow it turned out like that. o_o° Didn’t plan on drawing such a creepy photographer…….somehow it just happened.

I don’t want to offend photographers with this! ^^°

Well, it’s another story in my NezuShi’s Baby AU. So you should read it first if you wanna know why they’ve a baby. (No mpreg, but it’s their biological child…)

Okay, I need a break now. I’ve drawn all of this today…X’D Argh. But I needed to finish it, since my horror schedule will start tomorrow… (._.)

You and Brad met through Twitter and you are in a relationship for nearly 6 months now. But you never met each other in real life. You knew about his career and bc he is afraid of you getting hate you nevee published your relationship.

One day you call Brad.
“Hey beautiful! How are you?” Brad says happily.
“Not that good babe..”
“Whats wrong?” He asks you. XAre you feeling ill?“
"No.. Not at all. Its just..”
“Its what?”
“I cant do this whole thing anymore. We never saw each other and in all your interviews you say you are single. I just want to have a normal relationship.”
You both pauses for a few seconds. Than he says: “That does mean that we broke up now?”
“Yeah.. Im sorry Brad. Your music is more important than me. I knew that all the time. And it was always okay till now. I just cant this anymore. Sorry Brad. Hope you make it.”
Before he couldnt answer anything you end the call.“

3 weeks after the phone call Brad and the other lads come to your hometown.
"Braaaadley?? Whats wrong?? You look so sad today.”,Tristan asks.
“Its (Y/N) hometownm she is some were in this town. I cant stop thinking about her.”
“Did you knew where she lives exactly?”
Brad shakes his head. “No.”
“Maybe she comes tonight?” Tristan tries to cheer him up.

~After theconcert~

“She wasnt there Tris..” Brad says with tears in his eyes.
“Im sorry mate.. Come on.. Lets go to the bus. Sleep a bit. You’ll feel better than.”
Tristan tooks his hand and they went to the bus together.

You knew that they had a concert tonight. You didnt attended there. But you still wanted to see Brad so you waited near at the bus.
As you see Brad and Tristan came along tears start to roll down your face.

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is it weird that i literally think about you as a person like im just at the grocery store or something and im like "o i wonder if olympias ok" or "i wonder what olympia is doing rn" like i genuinely xare about you even though we've never met??

thats so nice and thoughtful ily

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oooh! i love tflns. hmm how about one between the missus and h when she's really like depressed. Im going through that right now, i never knew I could feel this terrible.

Hi my love - see below for you. If you ever want to chat, feel free. I’ve been through this stuff and am prone to it so can empathise x

Harry. Missus.

Hey wifey, how you doing today? x

I’m ok, watched a couple of films but losing interest in them to be honest

Have you been out?

Nope - it’s too cold.

I know you don’t want to but you’ve got to leave the house at some point. How about we go out tonight? You decide and I’ll be home in about an hour x

Can’t we stay in?

We haven’t been out in ages though? I’m happy with whatever you decide but I think it would be good for us to get out the house

I don’t want to go to any celeb party or anything. Nowhere where there might be cameras, I look a state and I’ve still got spots from stress which I can’t cover up and I know Soho House would be nice because there are no cameras but I look horrible.

Who said we had to go to any celeb party or Soho House? Just me and you wherever you decide, just not in the house x

I really don’t want to leave. I feel like everyone is staring at me and I get overwhelmed even answering the door to the delivery man. I just look a state and like everyone knows about everything.

No one is staring at you, love. And if they do, it’s probably because you’re so beautiful. You don’t need to feel overwhelmed, ok? I’m here every step of the way. I promise, no one else knows about how you feel. It’s just between me and you x

Are you sure?

100%. Trust me.

I do. It’s just hard doing this right now and going through this, and I don’t mean to feel so selfish because I know you’re feeling it too because of me and I feel so bad for feeling this way x

You don’t need to apologise, I only want the best for you and the best for you tonight is getting out and having some fresh air x

Can we just go for a long walk and pick up some chips on the way back? I don’t want to be around other people…

Of course we can. I promise you’ll be better after some fresh air, some chips, and some cuddles. I love you x

I love you too x

Every s5 episode so far has been a step towards canon SQ

1) The Dark Swan

Regina knowing about Emma’s baby blanket so she is obviously someone Emma trusted with that piece of info. The show could’ve used any article of clothing but no they picked Emma’s most valuable possession for the spell.

I mean look at her face! Maybe it’s my shipper goggles but all I see unadulterated, pure, honest love.


Then we had Emma giving Regina her dagger which is something Rumple did with his TL Belle as a wedding proposal. I really thought Emma would give it to Hook but no she gave it to Regina, who now has Emma’s life in her hands WHOA. Emma willingly (without any prompting) gave up complete autonomy over herself to Regina… to control or destroy her. This is implicit TRUST, the foundation of any loving relationship.

Emma to Regina: I saved you. Now save me.


Enough said.

2) The Price

Emma’s jealousy towards OQ (see my post for complete explanation and more jealous Emma)

Regina to Emma: I know you. The good you is still in there

Which is similar to Belle’s “there’s still good in you” to her TL Rumple. You see Regina’s words can still make stone-cold Emma falter. Regina bringing out a glimmer of old Emma must have been a hint that she would have a big role in saving her. 


2 failed CS TLK’s and both were not so romantic i.e. Emma attempting TLK to get rid of her darkness and Dark Emma trying to seduce Hook.

In the end montage, Regina is the “magic that threatens to undo your most evil doing” - she snapped her finger to reverse Dark Emma’s spell and turned the dwarf cosplay of Emma (the beanie and red jacket were a dead giveaway) back to normal… foreshadowing that Regina will be the one to bring the old Emma back.


And we all know “true love is magic” that can break any spell! :D

3) Siege Perilous

CS breakup - Hook’s “that you isn’t here” which contrasts with TL Rumbelle’s “there’s still good in you”


4) The Broken Kingdom

CS paralleled to false love Arthur/Gwen (at least the later version)



None of these CS romantic scenes mattered anyway since we know Hook stopped loving Emma a few weeks later.

Now you might retort “But WAIT, What about the pink flower petals being thrown over Lancelot and Gwen at her birthday party? They can’t be fake love as the real Gwen loved Lancelot!”. A fellow Swen explained it perfectly here.

When lancelot includes the phony Arthur love flowers in the party he throws Guinevere to ensure her happiness Bc he thinks that’s what she wants. Just like when emma gives her life for regina’s “happiness” with hood.

Even here the pink flowers as a symbol of “deception” make sense because Lancelot made Gwen think it was Arthur who planned the flowery birthday gift not himself. ;)

Lancelot/Gwen parallel to Swan Queen OMG. :O This is so not a “seed” (read lgbt hint) the showrunners talked about but the whole freakin PLANT.

And we know that Lancelot was the one Gwen’s heart truly wanted!


Are these all “seeds” being planted by the writers to suggest that Swan Queen are true love? Only time will tell. ;)

so it got out that nintendo of america removed the boob size slider from xenoblade chronicles x

are you guys ready for another few weeks of arguing over censorship sparked by this controversy that didn’t need to happen because literally nobody would have been upset over a character creator tool having a boob slider? because I’m not ready for that pile of bullshit.

like. this petty arguing wouldn’t happen if the censorship didn’t happen. but it did happen and the internet noticed because of course the internet noticed, and now there’s going controversy where there would have never been one if they had just left the boob slider alone, and I’m going to have a headache reading all of it.

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27 please!

HELLO FRIENDS! I have actually decided to pair this one with #31, which is SEXTING! ENJOY!

#27- Teasing you in public 
#31- Sexting

On any other day, Harry hates PDA.

Sure he’ll hold your hand or give your forehead a quick kiss or two, but otherwise, no.  Definitely not.

Not that you minded.  In all honesty, you’d never been one for it either.  But still. Sometimes a little bit more would’ve been nice.

So when Harry reaches down and squeezes your ass while you’re all standing backstage before the show, you can’t help but jump.  

Though his actions go unnoticed by the others in the room, you become completely self conscious.  You turn around within the circle of his arms.  “Harry,” you scold quietly.

“What?” he asks innocently.  He kisses your neck.

“What are you doing?”  You are not, by any means, complaining.  But still.  His behavior is odd.

“Can I not love on my girlfriend?”  He asks, burying his nose in your hair and kissing your head.

“No, by all means, love on your girlfriend.  But just… why?”

With one more soft kiss to your head and another pinch of your ass, he smirks.  “Why not?”

He lets go of you and walks over to sit beside Niall on the couch, and you’re left standing confused and lacking the warmth his body against yours was providing.  

Harry glances at you from his spot on the couch and smirks in response to your look of bewilderment.  He then turns to the TV to watch, well, whatever it is Niall is watching.

You shake your head and walk over to where Lou and Lottie are sitting, deep in conversation and eating off of the fruit tray provided by catering. 

“Hey, y/n,” Lottie greets, barely looking up from her phone. 

For the next few minutes, you get lost in conversation with the girls, laughing and joking and sharing memories from the tour.  Suddenly, however, your phone vibrates with a text from Harry.  You peek up at him slowly, but he’s not looking at you.  Instead, he’s focusing on the TV and laughing at a joke Niall just told him.  When you unlock your phone, you chew your bottom lip anxiously.

From: H. x
You look so fucking sexy today.  I can’t wait to get you back to the hotel.

You bite your lip, hoping that the girls don’t notice the heat rising to your cheeks as you reply.

To: H. x
What are you trying to do to me, Harry?

From: H. x
That dress looks so incredible on you. But its taking everything in me not to rip it off of you and take you right now.

To: H. x
Harry oh my god you can’t do this to me right now

From: H. x
I’m going to tease you until you’re begging me to fuck you, and fuck you till you beg me to stop.

You glance up from your phone and still, Harry isn’t so much as looking in your direction.  He is fascinated by the game on the television.  Although, the little tent in his jeans does not go unnoticed. 

To: H. x
Fuck, Harry.  Where is this coming from? I want you.

From H. x
Are you wet?

To: H. x

From H. x

Harry stands suddenly and heads over in your direction.  When he’s looming over where you and the girls are sitting, he smiles innocently down at you.  “Hello, ladies. You gossiping about me?”

“We weren’t,” Lou says, “But now we’re going to.  Y/n, got any dirty little secrets about Harry?”

You can feel his eyes staring practically into your soul and you laugh to try and make him stop. “Not any that I’m going to tell you while he’s right here!”

Harry chuckles.  “Why not, love?  Hm?” He reaches down and places his hand on your back.  At first, he scratches lightly. But then, the scratches become stronger, just shy of pain, and you honestly don’t know if you’ve ever been more turned on.

Harry carries on a conversation with them as he moves to sit in the chair beside you.  Never once is there a halt in the conversation.  Never once does he look at you.  But the scratches up and down your back are a good indication of where his mind is atcurrently. 

His long fingers brush over the hook of your bra and before you know what’s going on, your bra becomes significantly looser.  With skilled fingers he unhooks your  bra through your shirt, a skill even you struggled with sometimes.

No one notices, thank God, but your cheeks are turning red.  Harry turns to you and smirks.  “Oh, what’s wrong, y/n?”  He raises an eyebrow innocently, as if daring you to say something.

“What?” You ask, trying and failing to stay calm.  “Nothings wrong.  Why?”

“Your cheeks are incredibly red,” Lou points out.  “You feeling alright?”

You sigh, and you know Harry loves every second of this.  “Oh,” you say.  “Yeah.  No, I’m fine.  It’s just… a little hot in here.  I think… er, can I step out back for a minute?”

“Of course, love!” Lou says.  “The door is right there when you go out into the hallway.”

“Harry?” You say, through nearly gritted teeth.  “You wanna join me?”

He smiles innocently up at you.  “No, I’m okay.  Thanks, love.”

You stare at him, waiting for him to say “just kidding” or something along those lines but he doesn’t.  So you smile slowly, communicating with him in your mind “oh you’re gonna get it.”

You turn to leave and just as you’re about to get outside, you hear Harry call out, “Feel better, y/n!”

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TFLN between Harry and missus. She is on holiday with Gemma in Spain at the beach and he's on set. They text and he misses her so much. She doesn't realize he came to surprise her. Something like that.

Harry. Missus.

How’s Barcelona?

Harry, it’s gorgeous. x

Better than Santorini?

Oh god, no.

Santorini is still my favourite. x

I’m glad. 

How’s Dunkirk? x

I’m not in Dunkirk anymore.

Do you mean the country or the movie? 

Because if you’re saying that you aren’t in the movie anymore, I will come to wherever you are and smack you round the head. x

No, you donut.

I’m not in Dunkirk the country anymore. 


Where are you now? x

You should guess.

I’m not guessing, you dick. x

Come on, Gorgeous.

Are you back in the UK? x


Are you back in LA? x


Are you anywhere in America?


Gemma suggested Hollywood? x


Hollywood, I wish.

I don’t know, Harry. x

I’m still in Europe.

I think I read somewhere in a magazine that you’re going to Urk soon? 

Are you in Urk? x

Not yet.

Thought I’d take you there when I go.

Wait, so, you’re coming back to the UK before you go to Urk? x


How are you going to take me to Urk with you then? x

Where are you now?

Harry, don’t change the subject. x

Where are you?

In a small cafe on the beach front, eating lunch before we go on a trek down the seafront back to the hotel. x

Are you wearing that white jumpsuit?

The shorts one? x

You know the one I mean.

Yes? x

White trainers? 


What the hell are you doing? 

Has Gem sent you a photo or something? x


Think you should look down towards the seafront. By the board walk bit leading down to the sun-loungers.

Look for someone in white shorts and a black tank-top. Flip flops in hand. Sunglasses on their face. 



What the fuck? 

Is that you? x


I’m in Barcelona.

Now come and give me a kiss in front of all these people. 

Missed you so much. x

Summary: Y/N and Michael meet for the first time after talking on Twitter. 

A/N: Michael is in italics and Y/N is in bold ~ Katie x

Are you here yet? I’m sat here looking like a loner 😨

The new message from Michael made the screen of your phone light up. 

I’m about 5 mins away you replied.

You and Michael had been internet friends for over 2 years now. But he lived in Australia and you lived in England so you had never had the chance to meet. But now Michael was doing a UK tour with his band, 5 seconds of summer, so you had both arranged to meet at a Starbucks when he was closest to your town.
Yours and Michael’s internet friendship was the dream of every teenage girl. You had began running a fan account for the band All Time Low and Michael had began talking to you on there. By that time, his band was barely famous and he only had a few thousand followers on Twitter. You quickly became mutuals and would talk over DM. After that, you exchanged mobile numbers and spoke on iMessage.
You never went a day without some form of contact. You would both always retweet each other’s tweets and FaceTime for hours when the time zones aligned. You were best friends and you were sure that when you met him in real life, there would never be an awkward silence and that you’d be inseparable. 

Please hurry 😫 I’m getting bored 

I’m going as fast as I can! I swear to God if you turn out to be a balding 40 year old man I will kick your ass into tomorrow 

I promise I’m not … But I guess that’s exactly what a balding 40 year old man would say

You smiled before locking your phone and then getting out of the car. As you walked to the entrance your palms were getting sweaty and your hands were shaking. Despite feeling completely at ease when talking to him online, you felt nervous about what he’d think of you in real life. What if he thought you were ugly? Or that your voice was too high and that you had a weird accent? You tried to shake the worries out of your mind and opened the door.
As soon as you walked in you spotted him. He had posted a selfie on Instagram yesterday so you knew that at the minute he had neon green hair. Sure enough, you saw it and you noticed that he was facing away from the door. You quickly walked towards him, your apprehension turning into excitement and when you reached him you covered his eyes with your hands and said: “Guess who?”
“I really hope this is Y/N or this is going to be extremely awkward.” Michael said before standing up. He was so tall that you couldn’t keep your hands covering his eyes but it didn’t matter because as soon as he saw you he enclosed you in a tight hug.
“Oh my God, I didn’t think you would be this tiny. Jesus, you’re adorable,” he said and picked you up while he was still hugging you. You giggled and wrapped your legs around his waist. You leaned back so you could see his face and you could see that he was smiling widely at you,
“I’m not small, you’re just freakishly big!” You retorted. “Now put me down, you idiot, before people start to stare.”
“Who cares if people look? I like having you this close after being so far apart. And also, you smell really good,” he blushed, putting you back down on the floor obediently. When your feet were safely on the ground you walked around to the other side of the table and sat down so you were facing him.
“So tell me Michael, how much more awesome am I in real life?”