so it got out that nintendo of america removed the boob size slider from xenoblade chronicles x

are you guys ready for another few weeks of arguing over censorship sparked by this controversy that didn’t need to happen because literally nobody would have been upset over a character creator tool having a boob slider? because I’m not ready for that pile of bullshit.

like. this petty arguing wouldn’t happen if the censorship didn’t happen. but it did happen and the internet noticed because of course the internet noticed, and now there’s going controversy where there would have never been one if they had just left the boob slider alone, and I’m going to have a headache reading all of it.

Summary: Y/N and Michael meet for the first time after talking on Twitter. 

A/N: Michael is in italics and Y/N is in bold ~ Katie x

Are you here yet? I’m sat here looking like a loner 😨

The new message from Michael made the screen of your phone light up. 

I’m about 5 mins away you replied.

You and Michael had been internet friends for over 2 years now. But he lived in Australia and you lived in England so you had never had the chance to meet. But now Michael was doing a UK tour with his band, 5 seconds of summer, so you had both arranged to meet at a Starbucks when he was closest to your town.
Yours and Michael’s internet friendship was the dream of every teenage girl. You had began running a fan account for the band All Time Low and Michael had began talking to you on there. By that time, his band was barely famous and he only had a few thousand followers on Twitter. You quickly became mutuals and would talk over DM. After that, you exchanged mobile numbers and spoke on iMessage.
You never went a day without some form of contact. You would both always retweet each other’s tweets and FaceTime for hours when the time zones aligned. You were best friends and you were sure that when you met him in real life, there would never be an awkward silence and that you’d be inseparable. 

Please hurry 😫 I’m getting bored 

I’m going as fast as I can! I swear to God if you turn out to be a balding 40 year old man I will kick your ass into tomorrow 

I promise I’m not … But I guess that’s exactly what a balding 40 year old man would say

You smiled before locking your phone and then getting out of the car. As you walked to the entrance your palms were getting sweaty and your hands were shaking. Despite feeling completely at ease when talking to him online, you felt nervous about what he’d think of you in real life. What if he thought you were ugly? Or that your voice was too high and that you had a weird accent? You tried to shake the worries out of your mind and opened the door.
As soon as you walked in you spotted him. He had posted a selfie on Instagram yesterday so you knew that at the minute he had neon green hair. Sure enough, you saw it and you noticed that he was facing away from the door. You quickly walked towards him, your apprehension turning into excitement and when you reached him you covered his eyes with your hands and said: “Guess who?”
“I really hope this is Y/N or this is going to be extremely awkward.” Michael said before standing up. He was so tall that you couldn’t keep your hands covering his eyes but it didn’t matter because as soon as he saw you he enclosed you in a tight hug.
“Oh my God, I didn’t think you would be this tiny. Jesus, you’re adorable,” he said and picked you up while he was still hugging you. You giggled and wrapped your legs around his waist. You leaned back so you could see his face and you could see that he was smiling widely at you,
“I’m not small, you’re just freakishly big!” You retorted. “Now put me down, you idiot, before people start to stare.”
“Who cares if people look? I like having you this close after being so far apart. And also, you smell really good,” he blushed, putting you back down on the floor obediently. When your feet were safely on the ground you walked around to the other side of the table and sat down so you were facing him.
“So tell me Michael, how much more awesome am I in real life?”