To look at the images of Isreali artist J.D. Doria is to see a world of spiked abstractions and rich, otherworldly beautiful colors and intricate movements.

You might look at the above image and wonder just what it is you’re seeing—an alien landscape? The world of microorganisms? A CG-creation? All of the above? The patterns and forms are actually liquids shot in closeup swirling around in a glass container. They’re the work of Isreali artist J.D. Doria who describes his work as “painting as multitude” and his recent series The Petri Dish Project is, you might be able to guess, inspired by the Petri dish.

The Petri dish is usually associated with science, but which is now increasingly becoming a tool used in art. ”It comes to replace the canvas and the paper” Doria says. ”It is placed upon a light-table and above it, on a crane, a digital camera is positioned for high resolution close ups. Within the Petri dish I am “growing” images using different mélanges of liquid colors and materials.” These materials have different reactive properties and this, combined with the different colors, creates the interactions which Doria photographs the dynamics of to create his abstract images, which take inspiration from Jackson Pollock and his contemporaries.

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