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Well why don't you do it like for example Friday is meat day and Thursday is Vegetarian day and other days you will post the usual sweet delicacies.

I actually really, really like that idea but unfortunately it wouldn’t quite suit me, it would be too much… solid structure, if that makes sense? Like, I know that I would feel pressured to do it, not necessarily by you guys, but mainly by myself, and that would spoil my enjoyment of running this blog. I prefer to just blog freely, put whatever looks nice in the queue and - if I really feel like doing it - browse through some recipe collections, video tutorials etc. to find new stuff I can share with you. That’s why I gave up on doing requests long ago as well, it became more of a pressure than a pleasure since I wanted to fulfill everyones wish as soon as possible and as good as possible but it became too much after a while because the requests just kept coming (I’m not blaming anyone though, why would I? it was an honour that people enjoyed it that much) and yeah… I don’t know if that makes sense, I probably just sound dumb and whiny, but I have no idea how else to explain it. >w<

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A MUST READ for Rikkai fans: Rikkai Regulars as Husbands.

MUST READ means accuracy, I’m guessing. 

Look at this though. such passion in the words, caps lock is a big deal. 

/sobs These were fun. 

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Your BokuRoad OTP! www

Sasuga Xan wwww

  • who wakes the other one up with kisses

Both will take a turn everyday, or when one of them have a day off, eventhough mostly will be waken up by their own manager with a big horn on their ears

  • who cooks for who

Hide will deffinitely cook for Yun, coz Yun can’t cook at all eventhough he often hanging around a genius cook

  • who is the morning person/night person

No morning person. Both are night person who like to party and hanging around with friends all night and couldn’t wake up in the morning

  • who is the romantic one

Yun. Hide is too busy admiring himself he don’t have time to becomes romantic *kicked*

  • who is the top when it comes to sex

Hide, mostly because he’s an S fox :3

  • who would lead in ballroom dancing

Yun. Because he’s a ballerina wwww

  • who is the more cuddly one

Hide, he’s a fox after all

  • who is the one who would pay for dates

Yun. Hide needs all the money he can afford to buy any kind of mirror for his collection

  • who is the one who would initiate a quickie during classes

Hide. Because he’s an S fox and Yun couldn’t refuse him

Totally random answer, all is created in my imaginery world^0^ Please don’t kill me Xan :3 And thanks for asking~