It takes almost an hour for Xanxus to go quiet.

Getting the man to relax is never an easy prospect even at the best of times. Squalo is sure it would be completely impossible without the assistance of the flames glowing pale around his hand, and even then the first fifteen minutes of massaging the tension out of scarred shoulders felt more like a fight than a comfort. But Xanxus stopped actively resisting after that, and if the cursing held steady it’s hardly anything Squalo’s not experienced before. He let Xanxus keep talking rather than trying to fight the losing battle of persuading him to silence, growled insults right back at him as he pressed his weight against the knots twisted into the other man’s back, and sometime between the latest “Stupid shark” and the current moment the silence became comfortable, lost its edge as thoroughly as Xanxus’s back has lost its tension.

Squalo doesn’t comment on this. He keeps his mouth shut, lets the quiet spread out to create a rare moment of peace, and if he eases the pressure of his hand he lets the blue glow enveloping his fingers go brighter, the effect of his Rain flames seeping deeper into Xanxus’s body now that the other is too relaxed to resist their effect. Xanxus goes heavy against the mattress, even the almost-fists of his hands easing into calm, and Squalo is left to spread his fingers wide, to turn the force of his hand into a glide instead, until he’s trailing over the outlines of dark-burned scars instead of digging in against cramping muscles.

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I had free time last week to learn photoshop, and translate  doujinshi. My first project is XanxusXSqualo, because they are my all the time OTP. Squalo is very dramatic in every doujinshi I’ve read, and it’s so difficult to translate. This is an old one, but the least difficult, I think. And I tried my best!

I don’t really care if you want to share. But if you were asked to take it down by someone who authorizes this doujinshi , please do so. I am just a translator who doesn’t own this doujinshi. And all the rights go to the doujinka.

Title is Fragile by SUI RENAria Hasumi.

Of course this is a R-18 doujinshi, so don’t read it  if you are underage.

Raw is from ebil-trio.

To read online I’ve prepared this link. 

And this is the link if you want to download it. 


Xanxus is just pushing Squalo down over the arm of the chair when the knock comes.

They both go still for a moment. Squalo actually turns to look towards the door, shut but not bolted; locks aren’t needed, not when the entire castle knows what happens when Xanxus is interrupted against his will. Usually it’s only Squalo who dares it; the thought alone makes Xanxus’s bracing hold at Squalo’s bare hip tighten, digs his fingernails in deep against pale skin until Squalo hisses in wordless protest.

“Fuck off,” Xanxus growls, loud enough that the sound will carry through the weight of the door, and doesn’t look away from the way Squalo’s hair is spilling liquid over his shoulders to pool at the seat of the chair, over the elbows he has settled to brace himself in position. “I’m busy.”

“I know,” called back, the voice shaking so badly Xanxus can barely hear the words. “It’s important.”

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