it’s commission time again!

hi friends, it’s your girl Ceri here, unemployed once more! I’m opening up my private commissions (which I don’t do often), now with a nifty little page on my nifty (and incredibly under-construction) website. 

You can find all the info you might need by clicking right here! And if there’s anything you don’t see/want more clarification on, absolutely don’t hesitate to send me an email at ceriggart@gmail.com

love you ♥


a series of unlikely crossovers:


“What did you do for seven years?”
“We entertained your daughters.”
“What happens now?”
“Some of them will remember, some of them will forget, and some of them, years from now, will tell their daughters about the stories we told.”
“And that…”
“That’s immortality, my darling.”

                               -Joseph Dougherty, writer/executive producer