My fireblast is red

My voidpulse is blue

But I would never, ever PK you

Happy Valentines to everyone!

I hope you and Kyeros had a great day today and I’m happy to have met you two. I also hope Jolt’s been doing good, manymany kisses go to him (though I can’t be with him today sob) and manymany heartfelt hugs go to Ish!♥

I don’t know why this didn’t post properly before, so I went home now during lunch to get these up._ノ乙(、ン、)_ imsorrydeareventhoughtheyweresupposedtobeupinthemorning/cry

A new day in Byron High. What are Otto and Leonelle trying to do before class…?

Happy (late) birthday Xanhime! I loved your GE blog and the stories you and Felser did for a long time. I wish you all the best for real life and TERA! <3

Happy bday to Felser as well! :D 

Also my mind expoded with the idea of Byron High… because I imagined Pharrel was the corrupt, crazy Principal and Leonelle was the Head Boy…. @_@ I haven’t drawn this kind of thing before and my brain also exploded… so two people probably have the same percentage of correct anatomy as one person.. still I hope you like it!

★ Mai waifu, not yours.

Work in progress, of Kleon and Einn! ♥ o(≧∇≦o)

The download of Tera EU is still now in progress.. apparently my PC had some update and shut down in the night, sigh.

At least I re-created Einn’s sliders already so I can create him immediately when I get home later!

Though I’m unsure if I ought to be a Sorcerer or Priest [Or other class, considering Priest+Priest doesn’t really work for most raids if it needs a proper 5man]. Perhaps he had to learn some offensive techniques during his travels…