Okay finally… a decent asset. Rick finally has a finished vehicle to drive on.
I originally planned to have wheels but… Eh, I prefer hovercrafts. It’s super low poly. Just simple.
I adjusted pivot points for the window and for the bottom stands, so that I can animate them after in the shots.

Now to work on the rest of the animation blocking, and adding some Face clusters to my characters.

Latest Layout.
Finally able to finish with some blocking from the first part, but I will update all of the shots blocking by this week.
Added the new car in the shots, and i had to readjusted the camera for the shots inside the car. 
Now, my main goal until the end of March, is to have the majority of the blocking with some polish done also. 
Since I am rendering with Viewport 2.0, rendering time reserved are not an issue for my project, since the scenes render fast in less then 10 seconds each.

The scenery will be updated shortely after also, after the majority of the animation is done.