2nd Pass of the Layout tests!



And here is a 2nd pass of the Layout of the movie.

I still have to refine that last part.
I ended up finally putting a design for Rick’s house! And to change some of the shots. 

How do straps work? What can you do as a better approach at rigging a strap to a bag?

I followed this tutorial (https://www.creativecrash.com/tutorials/ribbon-spine-rig), since Vanisha (http://vanishasartcave.tumblr.com/) asked me for help.

I think I kind of understand the concept behind this.
By having 2 hierarchies in each extreme of the strap (which is a NURBS plane) of 2 joints, and another separate joint in the middle of the NURBS plane, you’re able to keep a strap that can be animatable with a… sense of weight? @__@. heeeein…
But I don’t get exactly why does this need Aim constraints on the extremeties… uff…

I think I get the idea.