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Humans are Weird: Theater People

Fawk! Ok. So many things I could do. Um give me a second. 

This was the first time Talasee had ever been to a colony station that was primarily inhabited by humans, but his human crew mate Larson had assured him he would enjoy the experience. 

Talasee had heard things about Omega Station T-9R. Strange things. He had heard that the humans had decorated spaces with colorful, thin, long, and flowing cloths that would cast colors all over the place when light filtered through them. 

He had heard how the humans would change their coverings constantly, even after wearing them for only a few minutes. 

He had heard whispers that the humans would talk to themselves one moment and then pretend they hadn’t the next. 

So to say that Talasee was a little worried about what his crew mate Larson was taking him into was a bit of an understatement. 

Still Larson assured him that the station was perfectly safe and that the humans there were wonderful beings. 

His first impression of the station was that it was very colorful. The colors were vivid and reminded Talasee of the trees that would grow on his home world. The humans weren’t as crazy as the Xanderite had first feared, but they weren’t exactly as reserved or calm as the humans he worked with on a regular basis. 

No these humans were loud, flamboyant, and in constant movement. Talasee couldn’t understand just what was going on as the humans spouted strange sayings at each other. 

And then suddenly one human stabbed another! The human was stabbed multiple times while the aliens and humans around them just kept walking or watching without doing anything.

“Et tu Brutus?” The stabbed human asked weakly before staggering to his knees. His death was prolonged and Talasee could only imagine how much pain the poor human must be in. 

“W-was that an execution?” Talasee whispered desperately to Larson. 

Larson didn’t seem to understand the question at first until he looked to where his companion was pointing with one of his wriggling appendages. 

“Oh! No. They’re just practicing. Must have a show later.”

“PRACTICING? They just MURDERED that poor human!” 

Larson tilted his head before a chortle escaped him. The chuckle grew until he was laughing so hard he almost collapsed. “Oh man! Don’t tell me you’ve never seen actors before? They’re pretending. It’s entertainment!” When Talasee flailed a bit and sputtered, Larson explained a bit more.

 “Omega Station is known for it’s culture. It’s been pretty much taken over by theater people. Actors. It’s like those vids I showed you, but live and with a lot more…” He struggled to find a word to describe the theatrics of the actors. “Well just a lot more. You’ll see.” 

Talasee didn’t quite understand until he was led into a hall with a stage where he would watch an old Earth drama called Hamilton.