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Look even though I haven’t finished completely designing my fatesona, that won’t stop me from doing concept sketches of my fatesona’s children lol.

Also it was a tough decision… but I decided to go with Xander (˚▽˚)/

[ continuation from here w/ @golden-eyed-servant ]

The prince didn’t speak for a few minutes when the butler picked up the book that Elise has suggested to him when he told his youngest sibling that he was looking for advice books on dating, and the first thing she handed to her big brother was this book that he idly placed on top of the other books he found.

“Elise…Handed it to me.” he finally spoke. “It wasn’t going to be the first book I was going to read.” 

I downloaded some premade fairytale sims for my save ( Because lazy :D ) and was going to work on them when I got distracted by my vampire simmie Alexander. 

Funny thing about him is that he belongs in both my Supernatural (fairytale) Save and my Legacy Save because he is the twin brother of my original legacy founder.

I have a convoluted backstory involving Alexander and his twin (aka Henry) which happens to involve Alaric as well. I even have it written up in my queue but I would need to take pictures and do the fancy setup of all the scenes which I have no patience for. 

I digress xD

Xander and Henry are the reason for the scar over Alaric’s eye…

 …and Alaric is responsible for the scars over Xander’s. 

Needless to say, they have a very old and lingering hatred for each other.

Xander: I will kill that wizard scum if it’s the last thing I do.

He is the main antagonist in my legacy save but that’s just a private story in my head to keep me entertained. Lol. Let’s just say it involves Xander killing all the legacy heirs except for the current ones as revenge for what his twin did many years ago. 

Saw ship, drew shit, slipped into some deep shit~
I’m in Ryoumarx hell and I can’t get out.
Xander is such a beautiful beautiful person. Give him all the love.

Poor Ryouma is suffering~ he may be talented in everything but Xander’s got dem “dangerous” talents in the art of “Holy cute as FUCK”. (If you didn’t notice the pun i tried saying “ Hoshido ” with “Holy Shit tho”, yeah I know not clever XD)
xander0729: BAYMAX!!! My new love!😍
Have you watched Big Hero 6?? You SHOULD! I LOVED it so much! So funny and emotional. Makes u laugh n cry n laugh n cry.
It's "Frozen" for guys~ haha
Saw this Baymax in a toy shop (yes, I went to a toy shop LOL) and was yelling like a kid. And it's air-blown like the animation!😍😂 Wish I could have my own Baymax in life. I bet everyone does too. You know what I mean if u watched it.😌 P.S: My sis @victoriaeusebio accidentally called it "Maybax" instead of Baymax RIGHT AFTER the movie. Sigh... LOL 😛 #Baymax #BigHero6 #Disney #Marvel #Xander #Taipa #Macau #Venetian #ILookSoHappy #iNeedAHugBaymax