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Collateral Damage

Chapters: 1/1
Wordcount: 15,217
Fandom: Fire Emblem Fates
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Temporary Character Death, Mild Violence
Relationships: Xanlow (Xander/Laslow), various background relationships
Characters: Xander, Laslow, Odin, various other members of the Nohrian royalty with cameos by Ryoma and Saizo
Additional Tags: Mild Canon Divergence, Grief, Revelations Route, Near Future, Post-Canon, Character Study

Summary: Xander does not realize the depths of his feelings for Laslow until it is too late.

Fill for @dorkpatroller​ for the @xanlow-exchange​ for the prompt “I thought you were dead”

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“If, after the war, I were to go somewhere. Somewhere far away… If you never saw me again… Would you be angry? Would you be able to forgive me for abandoning you?”

“…Yes. I would.”

Xander had never expected Laslow to stay with him forever, had been prepared to lose him someday.

“Oh? Truly?”

“It is not your company I require. Only that you continue to draw breath. I just want you to ensure you live. Whatever your true name or appearance.”

What he had not prepared for was losing Laslow, not to a happy life in another world, but to a lonely death of the fields of battle.

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Xander Haters Miss The Facts

I am sometimes amazed by how often Xander Haters seem to completely misunderstand the basic facts of interaction in their efforts to ‘prove’ that Xander is some secret raging misogynist we all need to hate. Here’s some counterpoints to a few common arguements I’m tired of.

Xander did not chase Cordelia after she told him to stay away from her. He made every effort to stay away from her, and the majority of their encounters for the rest of the season were initiated by her. He did initiate some, but he accepted that they were done and didn’t pursue her afterwards. 

*Saying that “The Lie” in Becoming was about Xander still being sore that Buffy picked Angel over him is just so patently absurd its not even funny. Does anyone remember how Xander threatened Buffy if Willow got hurt, back in when she was bad? And that Willow did get hurt? Does anyone remember how many episodes Buffy spent being unable to actually kill Angelus, and do you really think it was a completely unreasonable assumption for Xander to make that if Buffy knew about the re-ensouling curse, she might, just maybe have hesitated a little bit. The Fate of the entire world was at stake. There’s not much margin for error.

Does anyone remember that Xander just hates vampires on principle? That Angelus killed Miss Calendar and nearly killed him at least one (and nearly killed Cordelia too, IIRC)?

The Lie” was not a good thing on the part of Xander - lies, however necessary they might be, are rarely ‘good things’ (and while I think it was a reasonable assumption Xander made, we have no way of knowing if he was right) but to boil it all down to a crush on Buffy that Xander pretty clearly no longer had (at least not in any major sense) is such an absurdly simplistic arguement that it isn’t even funny.

-And of course, Into the Woods, where Xander was telling Buffy to make a choice about Riley, not telling her what choice she should make. IF Riley is The Guy, then breaking up with him over this is not what she should do. IF, on the other hand, Riley isn’t the guy, then she needs to cut him loose. Buffy is the one who chose to race after Riley and call out his name.

Xander says, and I quote: ‘If he’s not the guy, if what he needs from you just isn’t there, (shakes head) let him go. Break his heart, and make it a clean break. But if you really think you can love this guy … I’m talking scary, messy, no-emotions-barred need … if you’re ready for that … then think about what you’re about to lose.”

He says ‘if you think’ - he wasn’t telling her that Riley was that Guy for her. He was saying that she needed to make a choice. That she needed to decide for herself once and for all how she felt towards him.

I know everyone hates Riley and the Buffy/Riley Relationship and the thought that Buffy might have actually thought her relationship with Riley was worth fighting for/running after is repulsive to most of the fandom (especially the rival shippers), but that is the choice Buffy made. Buffy chose to run after Riley. Buffy chose to do all that, because she decide that maybe that was there, maybe she and Riley could make it work.

I know everyone hates Buffy/Riley, and I’m not all that fond of it myself, but pinning the blame on Xander for Buffy choosing to try and hold onto her relationship is pretty much proof positive for me that for many Xander Haters, Xander’s real crime is… well, existing. That Xander could comment on the color of the wall paper and some chunk of the fandom would hate on him for it and use it as proof that he’s a terrible person.

And if a Xander hater wants to argue this with me, we can go to the transcripts and get some receipts. I’m game if you are.

Hoshidan Festival: Xander and Kanna Parent-Child Convo

I need to apologize for this one because it’s a little… odd towards the ending. As in, I had a problem with pronouns. I’m only 50% sure that Xander would not say something like “talk to the sword”, but that’s what I thought it implied, so… I apologize. Before that, though, everything else is okay. 

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I ended up doing no FE translations today, and just played the game a bit to get screenshots to use as headers for future posts, but… I just HAD to share this convo, due to the weird image it seared into my brain…

[Snippet from Felicia and Siegbert’s PC conversation in the Hoshidan Festival DLC.]

Siegbert: “The other day I just happened to be at your tent, Mother, and I found… Muh-muh-maid clothing, with Father’s name embroidered into it…”

There’s a little more to it than that, as Felicia explains, but… THANK YOU FOR THAT MENTAL IMAGE! Can’t…stop…laughing…!

Perhaps Forrest isn’t the only crossdresser in the Nohrian royal family, eh?

I’ll translate this entire conversation…when I have the energy to do so. xD

buffyverse members n their fav trash show
  • buffy: PRETTY LITTLE LIARS fight me on this bye
  • willow: charmed ive never watched it but seems like her because witches
  • cordelia: the o.c. and gossip girl she's a schwartz girl
  • faith: listen,,,, she watches the vampire diaries in secret
  • xander: he never misses an episode of kuwtk PLS
  • giles: COME DINE WITH ME altho...not a trash show at all
  • angel: he gets really into the o.c. and cries over it a lot
  • spike: teen wolf he stans peter and stiles which tells u everything u need 2 know
  • dawn: one tree hill !!!!!! u KNOW she'd worship it
  • anya: .....90210 does this even need to be said
  • oz: does he watch tv
  • gunn: GILMORE GIRLS fbhusjgkng Canon
  • lorne: glee lmao
  • fred: she gets really into dance moms
Call Me When You Can - Xarry

This is the Xarry fic I started writing a while ago. I finally finished it, so here it is :)

   “Thank you everybody for coming! We love you!” Harry shouted into his mic, blowing one last kiss to the blinding sea of flashing lights that was the stadium. Dizzying screams. Shouts of his name. Posters in every color imaginable swaying in shaky hands among the crowd. It was all a bit disorienting, even after five years.

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Nohrian Festival: Sakura and Elise Conversation Pt. 1 & 2


I will admit though that Sakura would look gorgeous with long hair and Elise might actually look pretty cute if she had Sakura’s hair color. Merchant Anna, where are you with the magic hair products.

Fluff and besties ahead~

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