Celebrating the Win~Xander Bogaerts Imagine

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When celebrating Xander’s big win in the locker room, you might not always stay dry…based off this request

You incredibly proud of your boyfriend, Xander Bogaerts, his team the, Red Soxs were playing the Cardinals in the World Series. They had the home team advantage, having won three out and lost two games in the seven game series, which also meant that if they won this game they would win the entire series.

You made sure that you were going to attend every game of the series, after all you were Xander’s good luck charm.

“Babe, I’m about to leave” Xander said.

You were in the kitchen making a protein shake for Xander when you said, “hold on a sec.” Finishing up the drink and dashing towards the door.

Xander was standing by the door with his duffel bag slouched over his shoulder. He was scrolling through his phone when he saw a smile instantly appeared in his face.

“This is for you,” you said handing Xander the shake.

He grinned taking the drink from you, “you didn’t have to do that.”

“But I did” you giggled hugging him. “Good luck today” you said.

“I’m a bit nervous” Xander admitted.

“You’re going to do great. I’m sure of it” you said as he leaned down to give you a quick kiss.

“I’ll see you after the game. I love you” Xander said heading towards the door.

“Love you” you replied watching him walk out the front door.

Arriving to the stadium, you knew this was going to be a good game. Even you had butterflies in your stomach, but if you knew Xander you knew he could handle the pressure.

The game was constantly going back and fourth each team only a few runs down, which kept you constantly on the edge of your seat. Xander had done well the whole game, he was 2 for 3 that night and came into to score making the game tied 4 to 4 at the bottom of the seventh inning.

It was now the bottom of the ninth inning. There were two people on base with two outs when Xander came up to bat. If you were nervous before, you were definitely nervous now. “I can’t watch” you said covering your eyes.

“Y/N, it’s fine. He’s got this” your friend Tara told you.

You groaned, “I’m so nervous for him.” Right as you said that Xander watched his first pitch go by “ball!” the umpire dictated.

A few moments later and Xander now had a full count with four balls and two strikes, your stomach turned as you watched the pitcher get into position.

“Please let him hit this” you said out loud.

You heard the crack of the bat and saw the ball fly into the air. You stood up out of your chair, “going, going, gone!” Xander had hit it out of the park, winning the game and the series for the Red Soxs! You screamed out of happiness, “he did it!”

Making your way to the locker room you knew that it was going to be full of rowdy boys popping champagne bottles. Walking down the hallway you could hear the boys from outside. When you opened the door you saw that Xander was being sprayed with exploding champagne bottles, while the team was shouting, “Xander! Xander!”

Andrew saw you walk in, he handed you a champagne bottle and said, “wanna join?”

You smiled, gladly taking the bottle from Andrew, shaking it and walked towards the crowd

“Y/N is here! Make way” Dustin said.

You laughed, joining the boys in showering Xander with champagne. “Y/N! Come here, give me a hug,” Xander said reaching to for you.

“No way! You’re soaking!” you exclaimed trying to run away from him.

Unfortunately, your escape plan was no match for this MLB star because within less than a minute you found yourself in his grasp.

“I got you” Xander teased peppering you with kisses. You giggled as Xander shouted, “hey what about some cheering for Y/N? I mean, she is our good luck charm.”  

Once again the boys began popping champagne bottles and spraying both you and Xander.

Xander held you close, “thanks for being my good luck charm.”

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