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Buffy and Cordy supposedly represent the entitled, Valley girl archetypes whose destinies of Slayer and Seer appear to confirm that “pretty girls never work for anything” entitlement nonsense" which find supernatural analog in Anya’s Empty Places accusations. However, textually that is really not the case. Buffy and Cordy work really hard.

Cordelia’s family loses their fortune? She gets a job and supports herself, even as a Grade 12. Buffy is in a very similar situation in season 6, and also starts supporting herself and Dawn straight away. As downtoolong wrote a long time back, when Buffy has the option of blackmailing the Doublemeat Palace, she doesn’t take it, wanting honest work instead. “Entitled” valley girls, my ass.

Xander struggles for just a single year between odd jobs before finding his perfect fit of a job in construction at the age of 19. Before that, from a poor family Xander just has a ton of cash on hand to buy Cordy her dream prom dress despite no canonical evidence of a part-time job in high school? Likewise, Willow is the only Scooby who never had a regular job in the entire television run, and we also never hear about where she’s paying for those magic spices and ingredients (Anya is not unreasonable for asking Willow not just lift stuff from the Magic Box willy-nilly).

It’s interesting how the characters who arguable work the hardest are shown to be the most beleaguered by financial problems.

Throw Back Thursday picture of the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer :D their first names are there, but for those who dont know, their characters are:

Buffy, Xander, Willow

Cordy, Angel, Faith,

Dawn,Oz, and Harmony

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I like Cordelia Chase but don't like how everyone glosses over how mean and vicious she can be with no reason, especially on Buffy. That's not sass and strength, it's just being a terrible person. I don't usually send unpopular opinions and am a little nervous so thank you for being kind

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I completely understand where you are coming from, Nonnie. I think that because Cordy undergoes so much growth on AtS, the fandom forgets/ignores the fact that she was a huge bully on BtVS, especially when it comes to her and Xander’s back-and-forth. I see so many comments about how Xander was always insulting Cordy and being awful to her, but they seem to forget that she gave as good as she got and was often the instigator in their spats.


Charisma as Cordelia on Season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Season 4 of Angel: The Series