What I predict will happen in Fire Emblem Warriors

“Alright,” Ryoma said. “This is a tad awkward, but…it seems like we’re out of tents.”

“That’s no problem,” said Male Corrin. “I can share with Xander, then.”

Xander grit his teeth. “Unfortunately, little prince, that won’t do. You’re much too big to sleep in my tent. I take up quite a bit of space.”

“Okay,” he said, “then I can sleep with Hinoka.”

“Hey,” said Female Corrin. “Don’t sleep in the same tent as my sister! I’LL take the same tent as Xander. That way I know you won’t try anything troublesome.”

“Troublesome?” Male Corrin bawked at the notion. “You’re planning on sleeping in the same tent as MY very single and very handsome brother, a PRINCE, and you think I have to worry? You’re out of your mind!”

“It’s not like I’m going to try anything!” she countered. “Even if he might be…” Her eyes wandered to him. “…handsome….”

“Stop ogling my sibling!”

“Will the both of you be QUIET?” Ryoma asked.

The Corrins looked to him, sighing. “Yes, Ryoma.”

“Good.” He nodded to Xander. “Prince Xander and I have decided that, for the time being, you two will be sharing a tent together.”

“WHAT?” both Corrins cried.

“I’m not sleeping with her!”

“I’m not sleeping with him!”

“Perhaps if you’d learned to trust yourselves a little more, this would not be an issue,” Xander said. “However, this is what we’ve decided, and our word is final. Sleep tight, Corrin.”

Male Corrin looked into his female counterpart’s eyes, smiling sheepishly. He rubbed the back of his neck. “Hey, do you think that I could get the-”

“You’re not taking the north side,” the female said.

Male Corrin’s head drooped. “Darn.”