Kow Yokoyama, in addition to creating the sci-fi model kit series SF3d for Hobby Japan (now known as Maschinen Krieger) worked on a whole range of projects in the 1980s. The Japanese cover of Bruce Sterling’s cyberpunk novel Schismatrix, monocycle designs for the film Venus Wars, and a series of Pocari Sweat commercials starring Cindy Crawford. Extremely talented guy.

For you, Xanadu. Hands down my favorite film of all time. This film changed the way I view the world at just 6 years old. The main character was an artist, there was an animated sequence, amazing music, art deco architecture and a message to follow your dreams! Plus Olivia Newton-John as a muse. I was sold! It’s why I love Jem and the Holograms, art deco, blonde pop stars like Kylie Minogue. Literally the whole aesthetic of things I would grow to love as an adult was formed by this film. It also made me realize that I could follow my dream of becoming an artist. Thanks Xanadu, from the 6 year old me.

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the neon frights on broadway - a halloween playlist filled with creepy showtunes that’ll give you some terrible thrills

prelude / the ballad of sweeney todd - sweeney todd // why are all the d’ysquiths dying? - a gentleman’s guide to love and murder // evil woman - xanadu // spooky mormon hell dream - the book of mormon // a freak like me needs company - spider-man: turn off the dark // it’s a dangerous game - jekyll and hyde // kiss of the spider woman - kiss of the spider woman // carrie - carrie // when you’re an addams - the addams family // suppertime - little shop of horrors // evil is hot - the toxic avenger // the time warp - the rocky horror picture show // crazytown - 35mm: a musical exhibition // dead girl walking (reprise) - heathers: the musical // why are all these heads off? - lizzie // when lily came - darling // ruination - we foxes // your fault / last midnight - into the woods // no good deed - wicked // the ballad of sara berry - 35mm: a musical exhibition //


killer instinct - a collection of the best showtunes sung by villains

always a woman - 9 to 5: the musical // the bottom line - newsies // evil woman - xanadu // don’t be the bunny - urinetown // i’d fuck me - silence! // i want the good times back - the little mermaid // forbidden fruit - the apple tree // evil is hot - the toxic avenger // they don’t know - thoroughly modern millie // the hammer - matilda // spread a little sunshine - pippin // aftershocks - next to normal // pretty women - sweeney todd // forever yours - once on this island // killer instinct - bring it on: the musical // suppertime - little shop of horrors // meant to be yours - heathers: the musical // superstar - jesus christ superstar


Dragons of Xanadu: Sculptures Discovered in Legendary City

The remains of three colorful dragon heads made of clay have been discovered in a huge palace in Xanadu, a city constructed by the grandsons of Genghis Khan.

The palace sprawls over 9,000 square meters (about 100,000 square feet), or nearly twice the floor space of the modern-day White House. Archaeologists have been excavating the palace, learning how it was designed and decorated.

Made of fine, red, baked clay the dragon heads would have been attached to the ends of beams and used asdecoration. They “are lifelike and dynamic” and “have yellow, blue, white and black coloring” glazed on them, researchers wrote in a report published recently in the journal Chinese Cultural Relics. Read more.