Okay so like. Xan has slightly wavy hair, right? Least it looks slightly wavy in his portrait.

As someone with wavy hair I can tell you it can be a pain in the ass at different humidity levels. And like man imagine him dealing with that

Imagine his hair getting all curly when it’s too humid or poofing out and getting all full of static when it’s too dry


Me and @xany’s Harry Potter ocs, Calvin and Gerard.

(xan’s oc) Calvin is a cute little Ravenclaw who likes to talk about eggs and is a bit of a mess and Gerard is a slytherin asshole who loves potions and never is his life expected to fall in love with the dude who for some reason started following him around.

Drawn by me, colored by @xany
Check out his work it’s so beautiful!!! I love him and I love this.

Drew some demonic guardians based on a Voltron screenshot because the series is great and the poses were too great. From left to right Calyx(plantedclouds), Emalf (mine), Alistair (granolaglitterr), Mar (Mapleleauf), and Xan (Boomsheika)

If these guys had to defend the universe god help us