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Hello I'm a really REALLY big fan of your art it is my favorite! I have small request, if your okay with it! Can you draw Izuru with shoulder length hair? And maybe Hinata's reaction to the hair cut?? I hope you have fun with it

Ibuki: Tadaaaaa! Fake short hair!

Okay, it’s not shoulder length and he didn’t cut his hair. lmao

I’m sick as hell, that’s why it’s so sketchy… I wanted to draw backgrounds for once, but I’m too tired. haha;;

Artist Steve Powers gave his signature treatment to some of the artists whose works are presented as part of “Inside Out.” Check them out, and while you’re at it, visit the artworks on display in neighborhoods throughout the city until November 1.

//Heya guys! 

//So, I’ve been working on this piece for a little while to submit it to @walkingmelonsaaa , but her submission button wasn’t working so… Yeah. I’m tagging her in a public post in hopes that she will see it!

//You really inspire me! Your artworks just fill me with the desire to draw, the desire to improve, the desire to one day be able to draw as greatly as you do. As I watch your speedpaints, I am just in awe. I’m pretty sure you have that effect on most people here, and I’m also sure you get plenty of messages like this. 

//The amount of effort and detail in your artworks are just mesmerising! You have the thing that nearly every artist (including me) strives for. Your artworks are just so beautiful and they give me passion to draw!

//I just hope I haven’t bothered you with this message and measly little drawing. I also hope that you never stop drawing!!! You are basically my idol. Thank you so much for blessing Tumblr and YouTube with your inpeccable technique and talent ^_^

Cover art of my original story, Ghost Stories. It’s about a girl, named Suzy, who has magical powers and actually can see ghosts and paranormal things. Is really interested in witchcraft, though she is learning it by herself, and that can be dangerous sometimes: soon she will see that too. After getting into a big mess, she needs to figure out how to solve the problems she created, and also learn to use her powers responsibly.

First page: http://bloodyarchimedes.tumblr.com/post/151188971299/first-page-of-my-comic-hope-you-will-like-it

On my Patreon you can get early access to the comic if you support me (and other things, like WIPs and art raffles!): https://www.patreon.com/bloodyarchimedes