am-bient replied to your photo “classicaldreaming: Joao Victor Marcari Oliva on Xama Dos Pinhais…”

Ya mean from this photo or from conformation pics?

@classicaldreaming both. Hes far too heavy in the front and with such neck placement that he’s not well-suited to be doing GP work 100% correctly engaged. 

I think some people were claiming he received “unfair” judging because he’s an Iberian but honestly they should be impressed he has come as far as he has and scored as well. 

Not sure how much of it is dressage moving farther towards greater technical ability or Iberians being bred less and less well for “all-around” ability in dressage. BUT, yeah they’re not unfairly judged they’re just a difficult horse to manage to take to GP and score well. 

Probably both.