xamag is hikikomori

Look who's here

*Hussie is out**It’s time for Xamag to mess with fandom*

Well hello dear account, let me brush the dust off you. I’m actually a little afraid of looking at the message box, but I swear I’m going to answer you >:I

Those who watch me on DA see that this summer I’m busy with comissions and BBR (plus I need to do one huge thing for my school), so only god knows when I’ll find time for Homestuck. Anyway, I’m not dead and still fanart some stuff.

Firstly…Firstly I’m going to spam everything here with my old unfinished pieces, because if I don’t post them now, I’ll never post them.

Secondly, I’ll tell about my plans. I said once I was working on two big projects that you may like or not. Well, after a long pause I assure you they’re going to be continued\redrawn\whatever.

One thing is a short comic. I regret nothing about it.

Another thing is illustrated song once again, but (holy shi) if everything goes well, it’ll be in flash format with sound and stuff.

(Pictures I made several months ago)

Finally, there’s another musical stuff, which I’m not sure about, but still find it worth trying.