xamag is being a tool

Xamag: peep out from the corner

Hey guys, I hope you haven’t forgotten about my existence yet. If not, that’s a good thing, because I’m going to upload some stuff soon and seemingly hide back, as usual. Sorry I ditch tumblr every time and don’t answer your asks, this account for me is just a place where I can dump Homestuck whenever I feel like drawing it. I know I’m an ass.  If you have questions I’ve never answered, you’d better ask them on my DA.

Thanks everyone who doesn’t get tired of visiting this place and waiting for something new.

Casual summerflip

I don’t even know if I should say that again…

You know, my big art pause happened at the same time as Hussie’s. I wanted to post huge bunch of stuff while he’s away, but nope.

That doesn’t mean I’m not drawing huge bunch of stuff in the meantime. Still, I can’t post it now, because of reasons. And I guess I won’t post half of it until autumn, derp.

Just remember that Calibro loves you for your patience.