xamag homestuck

> Cronus: Jinx yourself.

The jinxing has activated, and outside of your home planet being destroyed, what you’ve gone through these last three sweeps have been nerve wracking.  Game changing. Pushing your well-minded temper. That, and what you have witness has been some things far past what the Beforus censors would ever allow your specs to see. 

The verdict?

It is pretty safe to say that your session went to shit. 


> What?


I colored the birthday commission I got from @xamag-homestuck!! (with permission of course)  

It means a whole lot to me, since she’s actually my all time favorite artist, and I look up to her a lot!! Also thank you @pangkaka for giving me the commission money in the first place! This is one of my favorite birthday presents ever!

depressed! can’t sleep. been thinking about one of those things where like….god all the best ones I can remember were by xamag for homestuck but like those,,,,fan….lyric….art things? may do one for the junkers if I can pick a good song

So I coloured this!! I’m not sure who the artist is, so if you know, please inform me so I can credit! I only colour it, I didn’t draw it. Enjoy though!!

Update!! Thank you for those who have helped me fin the artist for this colour in! The artist is @xamag-homestuck <3 I’m just waiting their permission to keep this up here. If they don’t get back to me within 24 hours, this post will be taken down!! So, cease the reblogging until then.Thanks!

Artist Appreciation Week!

As always I’m late to the party :’)

I want to send out a big thank you to all of you artists out there, for being a big inspiration to me and to others, for sharing your art for free with all of us, for being completely awesome!

Some of you draw, some write, some of you make edits, some dabble in different medias, some I know personally (most I don’t), some of you are professionals and some just started… but no matter what, you are an artist and you deserve to be thanked for all the work you put in your creations!

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And all of you whom I haven’t tagged! If you’re an artist, no matter who you are, thank you for being awesome!