“Yeah, I don’t like ya. Y'see? Ya filthy fat cats think ya own the place, think ya can come here and do whatcha please - well, guess what? I worked my ass off jus’ payin’ for the down payment for this goddamned cafe, so don’t ya even think ya can just come in here and tell me y'wanna take over this place for some shitty gentleman’s club - 

Hey - get'cher fuckin’ paws offa me, ya bastard!”

I really should stop with the AUs ahskfsdflsfjshfjs

also it’s kinda fun to imagine Xemnas speaking in less formal language uvu

“Aww, hell no, I am not kissing a frog - and a MALE frog at that! That is just…wrong!”

“Would you prefer I live in your pocket and haunt you until old age, or are we doing this?”

“I thought it was always the princess that does these sort of things, not…ordinary guys like me!”

“Too late for misogynistic sentiments, my good fellow; now pucker up and this will all be over before you can shout ‘big palooka’ -”

The Frog Prince with a twist! 8D aka just another AU where I can just casually fit my OTP in what up

Basically it’s a retelling of the Frog Prince or something - in which Xemnas is some young aspiring writer with too much coffee and electroswing on the brain, whereas Xaldin is a soon-to-be king who was, well, cursed into a frog. u__u In order to break his spell, he needs to find someone who will love him as he is, but the catch is: it has to be someone of the same gender.

photo session [AU!XalXem drabble]

outofnothing; been a while since I actually wrote anything proper! But this one is spurned on from a conversation between me and xaldinini, so I had to capture it before I lost it! In this AU, Xaldin is a photographer who had returned to his university to pursue a Master’s in art, while his room mate, Xemnas, is a freshman currently pursuing a degree in literature.


The first thing that came to mind, as Xaldin continued to click on the shutter button, was why he was wearing nothing but stockings when the photoshoot was supposed to be a study of ‘how light works against the skin’.

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