“Your hair is quite…puzzling.”

((I love these two characters.  While I can’t really see them being quite as close as Even and Aeleus might have been, I think that Even might have had an understanding that Dilan’s mind was far sharper than your typical ‘hired grunt’.  He knew cunning when he saw it.  Yes, he probably assumed that his own 'brilliant’ mind was far more advanced, but I can’t see him shrugging of Dilan’s natural ability for tactical planning and his uncanny senses within training.  Not to mention, there was certainly a darkness within his eyes that was hard to ignore.

As for Dilan with Even, he might have assessed that the scientist was much more booksmart, but completely useless when it came to common sense.  He would have sensed his downfall far before it actually happened, and probably because he was already feeling the pull of darkness himself. I just love the idea of them having a friendship or agreement of sorts.))