Praise Mat Hoffman!

I would like to address the news that BMX Park and BMX Vert will not be
included in ESPN’s X Games in Los Angeles this year.

As the BMX organizer for ESPN’s X Games, I, of course, would like to see all
disciplines represented at all X Games events, especially my life blood,
Vert.  However, we have been reassured by ESPN that they are not withdrawing
their support and coverage of BMX.  They are changing the coverage of sports
and disciplines for each stop, as their focus is to produce 6 diversely
different TV shows.  In fact, to put into perspective, in 2012, ESPN had 4
BMX competitions with $359,000 in prize money.  This year, they have 12 BMX
competitions with over $1 million in prize money, tripling their support for

This is progression.  We will continue to strongly advocate BMX for all of
ESPN’s events and we hope that the BMX community will stand with us in
building upon this year and the years to come.

-Mat Hoffman”