Ok wrapped this one up too. I began coloring it but it just didn’t look right, so I let it be. I wish it turned out better so I could at least finish it but I kinda give up hahaha. 

It’s Levi again, if you couldn’t tell. 


SO I started drawing this cause I got inspired by everyone else who drew Saïx in traditional japanese clothing. However, I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it. Saïx is meant to be drawing a bow, but the bow will be covering Axels face so it won’t work…. ughh should’ve done it digitally…

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I recently rewatched Mononoke again. I’m still so fascinated by it, just as it was the first time I saw it.  I remember I saw an old fanart in my photobucket account and wanted to compare it with how I draw today, so this is what happened. 

Then I saw the date that I posted the old one. 2009. 5 years ago. I felt really bad about not improving enough but my friend told me some good things I think many artists should think about. 

Art is something you’re supposed to enjoy, not stress up about. After every finished work you’ve improved, maybe not a whole lot, but you’ve improved. So don’t stress up about improvement, it takes time (unless you like to speed things up and do a lot of studies which I still can’t get myself to do lol)

Dear followers, I also want to stress NOT TO DRAW TOO MUCH FOR TOO LONG, CAUSE YOU MIGHT GAIN INJURIES LIKE ME AND GET VERY SAD, take a pause every now and then, even if it’s hard. Take a small break and stretch a bit, maybe get a cup of tea or go for a walk. Stop drawing immediately if you feel pain. I learned that the hard way.
(this also goes for playing games or being on the computer or things like that))

Sorry for long textpost. I just want you to take care of yourselves.


Happy Halloweeeennnnnn

Here’s a messy drawing, I just did it cause it’s halloween and I won’t do anything today. Big surprise, Levi as a vampire and Eren as a werewolf. But it fits them so well I had to do that too.

This year I’ll be Titan Eren for halloween, it’ll be so fun!!

Bonus: I also did matching icons with them ;D Use them if you want to!