xabi is everything


“We are the last rock stars of our generation. The other ones are gone.”


By May 2005, Mourinho was back chasing Steven Gerrard and the rumors of his impending departure were swirling again. “Yes, keeping Stevie is definitely a motivation for us. Maybe if we can win [in Istanbul], we can show him he can win trophies with Liverpool too.” - Xabi Alonso.


I still don’t believe it … but we have to say goodbye to wonderful Alonso family. But … I respect the decision of Xabi. I knew this sad day would come, but I didn’t think so soon. Thank you Xabi for everything you’ve done for my beloved club. I will always remember you with a smile :) And his family … I will really miss them. One of the best family! I wish them all the best! This is the saddest departure this transfer window …