Having a bad day? Feeling down? Need something to cheer you up? I know just the thing!

Star Trek: The Original Series, episode 01x15, Shore Leave.

Because how can you fail to laugh at McCoy with Alice and the White Rabbit. Spock being an absolute little shit and tricking Kirk into beaming down. Sulu getting excitable about his antique gun. Kirk having the time of his life fighting Finnegan. Bones getting his gentleman on with Yoeman Barrows and her princess gown, then with his cabaret girls later.

I mean. Just look at them.


Witches Of Moonlight Falls [Season 6]; Part 232}
      — Gentlemen Prefer Blondes —

The KGB agent heard Yelena’s run up, her wedges were too loud against the cobbled ground. She should’ve snuck up slowly behind him It’s just that she thought It was a bit too risky and It’s too late already! The agent whips his head around, she’s been detected! She lets out her Black Widow training with a swift kick. She reached for her garrote but It wasn’t there?  ( Maybe Natalia has It? ) she thought to herself as she countered his first blow. If she had a garrote she could counter him with It and leap onto his shoulders like Natalia said.
Yelena: “ HEEEAAAAAAA! ”
Her kick stumbles him and she sharply jolts him at the side of his neck striking a nerve with precision and taking him out in a flash.
Yelena: “ Too stupid! ” Her Russian accent was strong as she witnessed his down fall. She could’ve done a lot worse If her garrote wire was with her.
He collapses to the ground. left undead but If he rises once more he shall know death. A standard neck nerve strike knockout! Stay down agent or Yelena will let your blood paint the streets. She proceeds ahead running with caution.
Yelena [thoughts]: ( Now I must apprehend that sniper! )                         >  <


ich suche Leute fuer eine Whatsappgruppe.
Es ist egal wie alt ihr seid und auch das Geschlecht ist egal.
Ich moechte einfach nur, dass sich alle untereinander gut verstehen.
Was ich nicht leiden kann ist, wenn Menschen in Gruppen rausgemobbt, beleidigt oder auf Grund von Sexualitaet oder was auch immer Persoenlich angegriffen werden.

Wenn ihr Interesse habt meldet euch bei mir @blumenmeerx mit eurem Namen, Alter und natuerlich eurer Nummer. c:
Die Nummern werden nicht veroeffentlicht.

Es waere sehr lieb, wenn ihr diesen Beitrag rebloggen koenntet, damit es ganz viele von euch zulesen bekommen:)
Danke im voraus. ♡