lol ok so i was “experimenting” and i ended up with this and now im posting it because why not its davekat … and yes the hands and the shoes are horrible but its not that important right XD haha lol i sure am weird today pfff XD why


@li-prouvaire tagged me in the six selfie thing so here’s mine :D All the pics are somewhat recent/or previous selfies on tumblr but due to some phone shenaningans last month, I lost nearly all my pics (i had to take the one with the muffin just now to have six xD)

I tag @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin @secondarysushicorps @mockingjaybeevicious @lady-mephistopheles @bouncybrittonie @corelliasfinest (if you have already been tagged or doesn’t want to to this it’s okay) and anyone who wants to do it :D