Look at this antique I found. The ChiCon 2009 Sunday schedule. Things worth noting:

- This was the con that happened when The Real Ghostbusters aired. So basically that Thursday night I watched a Supernatural episode about a Supernatural convention while at a Supernatural convention.

- There used to be a DESSERT PARTY on Saturday night. The guests would come around and sit at our tables with us.

- This was the first year Jared and Jensen did only one panel. Before this they would do half hour Jared, half hour Jensen, half hour together.

- THE BREAKFAST PANEL! It started at 8 am! They had a huge buffet full of food. You loaded up your plate and ate at your table.

- “NO PROPS, REQUESTS FOR POSES.” Jared and Jensen used to sit on stools! You walked up, stood next to them, and walked away. It was wild.

- Everything J2 related was done by 3:15! 3:15!!

- This was Rob’s very first con! Of course it was right after the episode where his character did a panel at a convention aired. So he was a little weirded out!

- The prices aren’t listed here, but I can tell you I paid $60 each for Jared and Jensen’s solos back then. I can’t remember how much the duo was, but I’m pretty sure it was under $100.* I’m going to go weep about that now.

I also attended ChiCon 2007 and 2008, but I have no idea what I did with those schedules. They are probably at my parents’ house. I will look for them next time I go home because I’m sure they’re hilarious to look at now.

*Slight edit - I found a couple invoices from ChiCon 2008 and that year I paid $65 each for Jared and Jensen’s solos and $159 for their duo op, so that was a little higher than I remember. But still worth weeping about because I paid $367 for their duo in Pittsburgh and $326 for NJCon.