ok but listen

Misha: “Jensen came in, his eyes were red, I gave him a hug… Jensen said - i’m quoting here - ‘Don’t do that.‘”

Jensen: *smiles*

Misha took a pause that was like 5 beats too long after “hug”. Looks like he left out a really important part of the story. Jensen didn’t say “don’t do that” to hugging and I would even pay his fucking ppv channel subscription to know what Misha actually did.

  • Teacher: I don't think you teenagers understand the influence of internet on our lives and how powerful it is!
  • Me: we do
  • Teacher: how
  • Me: *whispers* mishapocalypse

Misha Collins awed by a Costa Rican jungle; Gishwhes 2015 Winner’s Trip

Photos taken and edited by me. Please do not repost or remove caption. Message me if you’re still looking for a competitive team/want to win Gishwhes.