For Day Three: Tropes for Rebelcaptain Appreciation Week, hosted by @therebelcaptainnetwork and @rebelcaptainprompts

And as a response to runakvaed’s question:

  —–> “I love tropes A LOT. When it comes to this ship in particular, sharing a bed (”platonically” or not) is probably my favourite. What’s yours?”

I guess mine would be the smile-kiss, where two people are creating a gentle memory. Maybe he has his hand on her hair or touching her face, or maybe she is the one holding him, or maybe not, but there should be the little crinkles in the corners of eyes and pure joy going on. Hope that made sense…


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Definitely, Maybe | A Clexa AU

“Fine, I’ll tell you the story. But I’m not telling you who Mommy is — you’re going to have to figure it out for yourself.”


“And I’m changing all of the names… and some of the facts. We’ll see how smart you are.”

 “I like it, it’s like a love story mystery.”