x:for justice

Greetings Undertale Fandom friends!

Today I have something very important to tell you guys.

I heard about art theft quite a lot recently. Most of famous artists that I know got their arts stolen. And I know how that feels like. ‘cause I, too, got an art theft.

Some of art thieves that steal my favourite artist artworks say this when some of fans complains to them. “If you don’t want other people post your artwork for their own blog. Why don’t you just keep it for yourself?”


They want to show their art to other people doesn’t mean you can use them for your fame or money! The arts are free but they belongs to the one who created them!

some of artist has to delete their accounts and some quit drawing  because of their action.

For me, they also use my art on their ig or use them as voice acting without asking me for permission, not giving me any credits or even put the link to my blog!

Please, for everyone who love to see your favourite artist artworks.

Don’t EVER support those thieves by liking their blog, Facebook or instagram!

If you can report them please do!

For every artist that work hard on their art and for all their fans that have been waiting for them patiently.

sincerely, Foxy

Ps. My art always misunderstood as min-play’s, Nyu’s or Mudkipfulf’s. Don’t know why though 


Anika Noni Rose has been tapped for the lead in CBS’ civil rights crime drama drama pilot For Justice, written by Law & Order veteran Rene Balcer and directed by Selma helmer Ava DuVernay.

The project, from CBS Television Studios, James Patterson Entertainment and Tribeca Productions, is based on James Patterson’s debut crime novel, The Thomas Berryman Number. It centers on Special Agent Natalia “Nat” Chappel (Rose), a cool, laser-focused, tough as nails FBI agent who works in the Criminal Section of the Department of Civil Rights Division and finds herself caught between the radical family she was born into and the professional family she has chosen.

Balcer, who serves as showrunner, executive produces For Justice with Tribeca’sRobert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal and James Patterson Entertainment’s James Patterson, Leopoldo Gout and Bill Robinson. In the pilot, Rose joins Phylicia Rashad who was previously cast in a supporting role. [X]

mrskandycane  asked:

he's very confident about the corset. yes, it's for hiding the death note. he talks to the lady at the store, and they spend two hours looking through everything and trying every corset, the girl will take something out and light will look contemplative before nodding 'no, too frilly'. he is very satisfied with what he ends up with, and it was on sale, too

He started out trying on a quite plain one before deciding “no, not frilly enough” (you know, just in case he is caught by a certain detective.)

The corset is important though. Very important. It’s for justice, see, and justice is very important. So no it’s not unusual for a healthy 18 year old boy to try on every corset in the lingerie store stop judging him everyone has their hobbies.

He wears his every day.

For justice. 

wow so many updates today

here is a quick list of the cool stuff we will be doing soon:

1) making Batch 3 of Ace Rings

2) fumigating our offices at Ace Laboratories (yes, again)

3) finishing up Ace Proof Gaydars (estimated price, $10) (this might take a long time depending on how much interest there is and how many times we have to fumigate our offices)

4) asexual pinback buttons?!??!? (estimated price, $7 for a set) (this is also going to depend on interest because button makers are really expensive) (also they will be witty and have good comebacks on them so whenever somebody tells you The Plant Joke you can just point at the button on your bag you don’t even have to talk to them) 

5) asexual starter kits!!!! has a friend recently come out to you as asexual? do you just wish you had a handy bag to carry your asexual handbook or other asexual emergency things in? then this is what you need!! (estimated price, a whopping $11 because it’ll have so much cool stuff in it)

6) asexual nail polish??? want to grow up and be like mod m with asexual nails? so do we. so does everybody (estimated price: too cool 4 school)

an important note: as we have maintained since the 1800s, all Ace Mart proceeds go towards making more Ace Mart things. While this is still the case, we have to admit: three dollars recently went to a burrito that our CEO ate. They said it was ‘for research purposes’, but we’re not sure. More on this story as it develops.

I would just like to point out

that while being a fan of Eastern culture is a number one way to get yourself trolled on the internet,

being an even bigger fan of Western culture (like loving anything that’s British, for example) is shrugged off and deemed acceptable, even if they’re just as vocal about their love for anything from that part of the world, or even moreso.

Just think about that for a minute.