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so i just stumbled across your blog (and i already love it so much i turned your post notifications on) and the whole time i was thinking you'd be good with hyungwon bc meme boi or kihyun bc i now have the sassy/savage pta mom image of him and i can totally see yall at a pta meeting and you constantly have to try and hold him back before he falcon punches someone in the throat for insulting your cooking or something 😂

falcon punches someone in the throat oh mY God anon i love you come here

Lazytown Sickfic Part 5 (final) (submission)

Okay listen, this is probably one of my absolute favorite Lazytown fics and I’m so flattered that someone took the time to write it for my blog
y’all, this is perfection.
Disclaimer: not mine. a submission!
And here’s the final part! I’ve had great fun writing this, and I hope you’ve had fun reading it <3

Stephanie peeked into the spare room the next day, and had to clamp her hands over her mouth to keep from squealing in delight. Carefully setting down the supplies she had brought, she tiptoed out of the room and returned, camera in hand.

The occupants of the bed had, at some point in the night, thrown off the blankets. Sportacus, apparently overheated even without the covers, had shrugged off the loose grey sweater as well. He had attached himself to Robbie, arms around his waist, legs entwined, head pillowed on his chest. Robbie, in turn, had folded his arms protectively around Sportacus, and had buried his face in the elf’s messy curls. Both looked utterly content.

Stephanie snapped a few quick photos and quickly tucked the camera into her pocket. Perhaps if Robbie or Sportacus had a bad day, they would need a reminder of the sweet moment. Alternatively, they might need to be blackmailed into staying in bed. Stephanie had learned from Robbie as well as Sportacus, and felt that it was always good to be prepared.

Sportacus stirred as the camera flashed, and groggily opened his eyes. By the time he was aware of his surroundings, Stephanie had hidden the camera and was looking down at him with perfect innocence.

“Good morning, Sportacus,” she whispered, softly enough to leave Robbie undisturbed. “How are you feeling?”

Sportacus gently extracted himself from Robbie’s grip, smiling gently as the villain mumbled in his sleep. He stretched, yawned, and rubbed wearily at his eyes. He still looked bad, Stephanie thought critically. His nose was an angry shade of red that would put Rudolph to shame, and he still looked awfully pale, but his eyes were clear and alert once more.

“Better, I think,” he rasped, wincing and pressing a hand to his throat. “Not as well as I’d like to be, but I don’t feel as sick as I did yesterday.”

Suddenly seeming to realise that he was stripped to the waist, Sportacus blushed and looked away shyly. He reached for the cast-off sweater and pulled it back on. As he did so, his stomach growled, and he grinned sheepishly.

“I guess I didn’t have much to eat yesterday, did I?”

“I’ll get you some breakfast,” Stephanie said, relieved. “I’m glad you’ve got your appetite back. You stay in bed and rest while I get some food. I’ve brought you some more tissues, and there’s some get-well cards from the other kids. And thank you cards for Robbie. I guess you two are really good friends now, huh?”

Blushing to the points of his ears at Stephanie’s gleeful tone, Sportacus looked down at the sleeping villain. As comfortable as he looked, his snores sounded ominously stuffy, and he certainly hadn’t been that pale yesterday.

“I think when he wakes up, he might disagree with that. You might have to teach me how to make cake, Stephanie. I think I’m going to owe Robbie a lot of them.”

As if in agreement, Robbie coughed and began to stir. Sportacus felt his forehead, and when he spoke his tone was apologetic and guilty.

“I’d take him back to his lair to rest, but it’s so cold and damp down there. Stephanie… I know you’ve already done a lot for me, but…”

Stephanie grinned.

“Oh, don’t worry! You’re both staying here under quarantine until you’re better. Just think what good friends you’ll be by then!”

Stephanie left the room, grinning, just as Robbie opened his eyes. The villain groaned and began to twitch his nose, muttering something under his breath. Sportacus leaned in closer, resting a gentle hand on Robbie’s back.

“What is it, Robbie? I can’t hear you.”

“… Sportacus…”

“I’m here. It’s alright. What are you trying to say?”

“… Come closer…”

Sportacus leaned in, until he was only inches from Robbie’s face. Robbie blinked sleepily, gazing into the elf’s worried blue eyes. He took in the expression of concern and affection, the trusting closeness, the comforting hand on his back… And promptly sneezed in his face.

“Robbie!” Sportacus yelped, leaping back and rubbing at his violated face. “That’s disgusting!”

“That’s for getting me sick!” Robbie huffed, sitting up and scowling. “You owe me so much cake!”

“If you ate more sportscandy and less cake, you wouldn’t have got sick so easily!”

“I wouldn’t have got sick at all if you hadn’t spent the night getting snot all over me!”

“You were the one who decided to get into bed with me!”

“You were the one who used me as a tissue!”

Stephanie stood just outside the door, a tray in her hands, shaking her head in exasperation. She listened as the argument degenerated from full sentences, to childish insults, to coughing and sniffling as both patients ran out of breath. By the time Stephanie brought in the breakfast tray, Sportacus and Robbie were lying down with their backs to one another, arms folded, sullen and silent.

“You shouldn’t be wasting your strength on fighting!” she scolded, setting down the tray and tucking the blanket in around them. “You were getting along so well last night!”

“He started it!” Robbie and Sportacus protested in unison.

Robbie glared, face flushing with either fever or irritation. Sportacus sniffled miserably and gazed up at the ceiling, shaking his head in despair. Stephanie ignored them both, taking two new thermometers (digital, courtesy of Pixel – she didn’t want a repeat of yesterday) and poking one into each pouting mouth.  

“Now, be quiet until those beep! You’re both staying in bed, and you’re going to get along, by order of Nurse Pink! Understood?”

Receiving a grudging nod from each patient, Stephanie set down the tray and read each thermometer as it beeped. Judging by the readings, they were all in for a very trying few days. Stephanie left to inform the other children that both hero and villain were indisposed, feeling the camera in her pocket as she did so. Remembering the sweet scene she had captured that morning, she broke into a grin. By the time Sportacus and Robbie were well again, she hoped to capture quite a few more.

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hello again, it is i, the flautist writing a song for the most beautiful person. once i've finished i would love for you to hear but alas, it is not completed. however the title is 'The stars are yours, and yours only.' which i believe is perfect for you, im very glad i made you happy xx

you are an angel 💕💕💕 thank you so much sweetheart!!! :’)