Favorite things from Voltron Season 4

- Right off the bat, episode 1 has a group hug too good for this world


- “Stand back, Pidge” “Stand back, Matt” at the same time and their lil smirk

- Matt’s response to meeting Allura I choked

- Pidge excitedly showing Matt around the castle cured my depression tbh

- “This is our cow”

- Lance being so mad about Matt coming back bc  competition for Allura and he lost his video game buddy Pidge

- Pidge, Matt and Hunk havin a good time bein nerds together

- Allura and Coran asking Kultenecker for a milkshake

- Freakin Lance with his blue lion slippers fabulously milking a cow in space

- Lance reassuring said cow that she is beautiful and this is totally natural

- Coran bargaining with that unalu again

- All those ridiculous poses cleared my skin


- “Wait, Shiro is the most popular?”

- Pidge and Beezer!!

- Seeing old friends all come together again 

- Lance is so good at giving motivational speeches?? Like holy crap??

- “That was all you.”

Feel free to add your fave moments of this season and spread some positivity about this nifty show we’ve got here. ^_^ 

a mega cut of my visit to the goldfish place 🖤🖤🖤 ugh i was watching that one big orange and black one with the nice tail on the site they’re sold from… on one hand a lil sad he’ll never be mine, but on the other hand at least i got to see him irl!

they just got a new shipment in today so all the goldies seemed a lil more stressed than they usually are…

anonymous asked:

fuck ok i dont say this stuff often but i love ur art??? the general sketchiness of it and the stylization of the characters and the lighting is all so nice and u pick great colors to set moods™ and just. i like ur art have a Good day

Thank you for your kind words anon!! Q o Q