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every time you draw me you make me out to be some kind of perverted degenerate, how could you

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top five libs lyrics? xx

Sorry for the wait with this but the list refused to whittle itself down to just five so here you go …

 blood runs thicker, oh we’re thick as thieves you know // likely lads

 if lust and despair are bullets from the same gun, well we’ve been playing russian roulette for far too long // breck road lover

you know I’ve tried so hard to keep myself from falling, back into my bad old ways, and it chars my heart to always hear you calling, calling for the good old days // the good old days 

from across the chinese takeaway, two blue eyes did look his way, said that love would find a way, and take him by the hand // tell the king

you’ll never fumigate the demons, no matter how much you smoke // you’re my waterloo

is it cruel to be kind not to speak my mind and to lie to you rather than hurt you / alarm bells ring, when you say your heart still sings, when your with me // music when the lights go out 

it’s sweet like nothing no, it’s just like nothing at all // death on the stairs

no one can hold a light to your misery / with all the battering it’s taken, i’m surprised it’s still ticking // heart of the matter

shoot down the spies from the trees, and kick up the leaves, in the morning breeze, pay no mind // seven deadly sins

the first stop was the bucket shop, to pick the pieces of your life up // bucketshop

give everybody a gun and put it on the television, that’s the reality tv I’d pay to see, lobotomise, celebritise every damn freak, wanna be another one I never come and see, money’s the church, fame is the steeple, living on the town, indoctrinate the people // cyclops

some people run from trouble, some people meet it half way, others are glad to pay, their cab fare over // the delaney

what you done, get out of my dreams you scum, they weren’t meant for anyone, they weren’t meant for anyone but me // the milkman’s horse 

the only rule is stay alive, just keep breathing you’ll be fine // dead for love

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I had a dream where I tagged you in a picture of Leon and someone sent you hate about it because you "thought you were too good for real boys"

jnjdfknf the funny thing is that doesn’t sound too unrealistic thank you