Habitually contemplate whether your thoughts stem from a place of love or from fear. If your thoughts originate in love, follow them. But if they originate from a place of fear, then dig deep to find the root of your fear. Only then will you be able to finally let go of it so that fear no longer limits your possibilities.
—  Timber Hawkeye

masternoj  asked:

A wild-eyed, grimy man in blacksmith's gear sprints around the corner. He spots you, and his soot-smudged face lights up. Before you have time to react, he presses a bronze medallion into your hands, inscribed with a rose blossom, and hurriedly whispers, "This will protect you from the haters. Long live the Rose!” He is gone again, bolting out of the alleyway and drawing off the oncoming horde of anons. Turning the medallion over, you see four words etched into the metal: “We believe in you."

“Thank you.”

If somebody tells me that the sky is green, and I believe it to be blue, I don’t need to argue with them, prove myself right by making them wrong, or call them names, I just walk away from that conversation with the newfound knowledge that to some people the sky looks green. That’s all. The blueness of my sky is not at all jeopardized by how green someone else perceives it to be. Imagine how much easier life would be if we stopped fighting about every little thing. Loosen your grip, smile, it’s all okay. All of it.
—  Timber Hawkeye