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The comic officially hit 500 followers last Friday evening! Since then, we’ve gained 10 more, and continue to grow. That’s NUTS, and is a HUGE milestone for the community! Luckily for you kids, Mod and I actually built a plan ahead of time to celebrate!

I’ve hinted at it a few times already, but we’ve got an entire week of stuff laid out in celebration, and the best part is, it has nothing to do with Mod and myself. Because it’s been up to us to celebrate every milestone so far, and because 500 is such a big deal, we turned to you guys for help, and SO many of you responded. So, I’m here to officially announce *AMADEUS’s #500PartyWeek!

All week long, we’ve got tons of your fellow community members lined up with their own art and fan creations that we will be releasing to you kids throughout the evenings. We’ve got animations, moodboards, and drawings, all built from the community for the community. But, wel also wanted to extend this invitation to all of you!

Mod and I will be tracking the hashtag #500PartyWeek all week, and reblogging what we see there and anything the blog is tagged in for the rest of the community to enjoy! We may have a schedule lined up, but I invite and encourage everyone to participate! Whether you are directly celebrating 500 followers, encouraging others to read the comic, or simply want to say thanks to your fellow community members, no post is too small and no effort will go unnoticed. Videos, drawings, sketches, text posts, theories, song suggestions, favorite comic panels, fangirl (or guy) screaming, whatever you crazy kids have, we’ll take! This is a party, people, so let’s party!!

Also, a quick thanks to everyone that has let me bug them about this and has been scheduled for next week. I am super looking forward to seeing everyone’s work, and am very excited for the surprises Mod and I have ready! (We couldn’t stay out of our party, could we?)

I hope to see you all here, all week, for one CRAZY big party!! (You might want to set notifications for the blog so you don’t miss anything.) Amadeuces!

- Admin