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Ice Ice Baby chapter 2: Ice Block

Summary: Juvia has started a journey that she’s always wanted. A journey to become a mother. But can she really do it by herself? What will she do when an unexpected blizzard changes everything?

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I’m so beyond happy with how much everyone liked this!! I hope you’ll like this chapter too!

WARNING: If I upset anyone in this chapter, I’m sorry. There will be a pun in this chapter only that may be inappropriate so I’m letting you know now. It’s all in good fun, I promise. (side note: It’s really not much of a pun since some people actually have this name so… I even know a few). This warning may be pointless but I’ll leave it anyway.

NOTE: Gray will be a little OOC for a few chapters. But this is an AU, so yeah, he’s not going to be his moody self. But that part will come, I’m already there in my writing so I promise. This won’t last long! – Also! In this universe, the song Ice Ice Baby does not exist.

A week later Juvia had everything in place in Natsu and Lucy’s second bedroom. Thankfully, she didn’t have furniture of her own. And the room she was in was fully furnished for when Natsu’s brother visited.

Juvia giggled, the room was pink. She knew Zeref just loved that.

Juvia was sitting at the desk in a cushy white office chair. Her feet were bare and her freshly painted toes were curled in the soft white carpet. She was super comfortable in her navy sleep shirt with Eeyore on the front. Bora hated it, so she had slept in it every night since she left. She didn’t realize the relief that was off her shoulders now that she was “single”.

She hummed a nursery rhyme as she turned to a new page in her brand new diary. She was going to make it her pregnancy journal and write down everything! From how big the baby was (according to the book) to what made her sick that day.

The only downside to everything was her job. She was the head baker at “Sweet, Sassy, and Classy” bakery. The sweet aroma made her queasy.

The promotion she was waiting on would put her in the position as head decorator. She still had a few more weeks before she heard the final verdict.

A knock on the bedroom door ruined her little doodle of a nursery design.

“You awake, Juvia?” Lucy asked.

“Yes!” Juvia pushed the chair away from the desk and stood. She was slipping on her house slippers when her blonde house mate opened the door with a big smile.

“Morning. Natsu is making breakfast. Should be ready soon.”

“Alright,” one of the biggest shocks Juvia had was learning that Natsu cooked. Granted he was limited to breakfast and pasta, but he was actually really good.

“Oh, and I hope you don’t mind, but we’re having a guest for dinner.”

“Oh?” Lucy and Juvia walked down the hall to the living room, “who is it?”

“A friend of Natsu’s. They’ve been friends since they were born but he went to college up North and is finally moving back home,” Lucy plopped down onto the cushy love seat, “I’ve never met him.”

“Oh good,” Juvia sat more gracefully onto the couch, laughing, “Juvia will not be the only awkward one.”

Lucy snickered, “Hey, Natsu? What’s his name? You never told me.”

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