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Could you write something caring between Gavin and Geoff, maybe an origin story or a flashback or something.

I love this prompt and I will be happy to write it for you:

They’ve been working together a little over a year when Geoff brings Gavin home. Jack’s sitting at the kitchen counter, going through the few contacts she’d managed to make, trying to determine who she and Geoff can trust and who they’ll only call as a last resort, when she hears keys jingling from out in the hall.

“…and really, the best part about living over a Chinese restaurant,” Geoff’s saying as he opens the door, a grin on his face, “is free eggrolls.”

“That’s top,” an unfamiliar, very British voice responds, and Jack looks up to see a kid follow Geoff into the apartment.

The kid is wearing a grimy looking hoodie and jeans, holes in both knees, and his sneakers have definitely seen better days. He looks like he hasn’t had a decent meal in a while, which he no doubt hasn’t, and there appears to be blood and dirt in his hair. Even more coats his face and hands. He’s also wearing a wan smile that doesn’t quite reach his eyes, and Geoff is looking at him like he’s found the greatest piece treasure in a room full of dust and grime.

“Who’s this?” Jack asks trying to keep her voice casual, eyeing the kid warily.

“Jack, this is Gavin,” Geoff introduces gesturing to the kid. “Gavin, this is my partner Jack.”

“Hello,” Gavin greets with a small wave. “Quite a place you got here.”

“Thank you.” Jack turns her attention to Geoff and says, “Can I talk to you for a second?”

Geoff pauses for a moment before nodding, gesturing to the kitchen table. “Have a seat Gav. We’ll be right back.”


Jack leads Geoff down the hallway, shoving him into the bathroom, rounding on him as soon as the door is closed. “What the hell, Geoff?”

Geoff gives her a helpless look, gesturing towards the door. “He’s… I just… Look at him, Jack, and tell me he doesn’t need help.”

“I’m not saying…” Geoff’s eyes are pleading and Jack feels her resolve crack. She hangs her head, closing her eyes. With a sigh, she looks up and says, “He can stay just until he gets back on his feet.”

“Thank you.” Geoff kisses her on the cheek before rushing out of the room. Jack glances at her reflection for a moment, shaking her head.


Gavin’s been living with him and Jack for a little over a month when the job practically falls into Geoff’s lap. It’s an easy job, boosting some souped-up X80 Proto for Gus, and Geoff knows he and Jack can pull this off without a hitch. Both have pulled their fair share of grand theft autos in their time, Jack more so than Geoff, and together this should be cake.

Except someone tips off the police, the response time too damn quick for a simple ‘patrol,’ and Geoff and Jack find themselves in a high speed chase through Rockford Hills.

Geoff’s phone buzzes against his leg and Jack makes an impatient noise when he answers it. “Not a great time, Gav!”

“Go left,” Gavin yells in lieu of a response.



“Go left!” Geoff relays to Jack and she shoots him a confused look but does as she’s told, the car skidding as she takes the turn at an ungodly speed. Behind them they hear a crash and Geoff glances back, watching as a cop car plows into a Contender.

“Holy shit!” He puts the phone to his ear when he hears laughing and demands, “Did you do that?”

“Yep. Hacked the city’s mainframe, messing with the lights. GO RIGHT NOW!”

Geoff puts the phone on speaker, asking Gavin to repeat his direction, and Jack obeys, albeit a little reluctantly.

It doesn’t take long, even with the three close calls they nearly have, but pretty soon they’re out of the city and heading towards Sandy Shores, somehow leaving the police behind them.

“Holy shit!” Geoff repeats clutching at his chest, his heart hammering against his hand. “HOLY SHIT!”

“Gavin,” Jack starts, a little out of breath, slowing the car down just a bit. “Did you do that?”

“I did,” Gavin answers solemnly, his voice tinny through the phone’s crappy speakers. “Figured you helped me out, I might as well return the favor.”

“Shit kid, you did more than that. You saved our asses,” Geoff gushes, beaming at the phone, feeling like a proud father. He exchanges a look with Jack and she sighs but nods, already knowing what he’s going to do, and he mouths ‘I love ya.’

‘Shut up,’ she mouths back and he grins.

“Hey, Gav, we were already taking about this, but I think it’s time we actually ask because shit dude we probably need you more than you need us.”

“What are you…?”

 “You ever think about making your living arrangements more permanent?”

“Are you saying…?”

“Welcome to the family, buddy.”

Thank you so much for the prompt. Really, this was fun to write. Feel free to send me more if you have any :)

Super Speed, Magic, Same Thing

Request: 80 with barry, please? love your writing x

80. “You’re warm.”

Warning: The ending is super crappy.

It wasn’t even winter yet and you were already freezing. It wasn’t the fall kind of cold with light breezes that only slightly ruffled your hair. I was huge gusts of wind that made your hair look like a rat’s nest by the time you were able to escape it. You had to take the bus today, which didn’t help either. You were cold and miserable and on top of that, it started to rain. You just wanted to get home to your loving boyfriend and heater.

When you arrived home, you quickly shed the wet clothes and plopped them in your hamper. You pulled on a pair of pajama pants and one of Barry’s shirts, it wasn’t quite Barry but it would have to do for now. You snuggled under the comforter but you just couldn’t warm up. You had accepted the fact that you would just have to wait for Barry to get back which wouldn’t be for at least another hour. You patiently waited the last hour or so until Barry would be home, but like always, he was late.

“Barry’s the fucking Flash and he can’t even be home one time.” You had already cranked the heater all the way up and buried yourself in a plethora of blankets, but you still felt like an icicle. Somehow, between the sound of your own chattering teeth and the deathly cold air, you had managed to fall asleep.

Barry had come into the house and called for you. When he didn’t hear an answer, he whooshed his way over to your’s and his shared bedroom where he found you sound asleep under at least three comforters. He changed into pajamas and slid in next to you, holding your body close and shivering at how cold you felt.

“You’re warm.” You said.

“And you’re freezing.”

“I know but now your hear so you can use your Flash magic to warm me up.”

“It’s not magic, babe.”

“Super speed, magic, same thing.” Bary chuckled at your response but shifted so that he was on his side and you could snuggle into his chest. You were perfectly happy, now being warm, and drifted off to sleep.