TOG gang while high

Rowan: *stomps around shirtless whilst roaring at everyone to look at him flexing his muscles*

Aedion: *winks at himself in the mirror* Gods you’re gorgeous.

Lysandra: *cries hysterically* Aeeeedionnnnnnn pay attention to me, I’m gorgeous too

Gavriel: *walks around in his animal form purring and rubbing himself on everyone and plays with balls of yarn*

Dorian: *knits everyone sweaters with their names on it*

Manon: *does as she normally does*

Chaol: *pokes at everything and hides behind objects because he’s scared*

Lorcan: ELIDEEEEE my sMOl cinnamon roll

Elide: *moms everyone*

Fenrys: *typical high frat boy x80* 

Aelin: Rowan is literally so hot

True Facts About Yuri On Ice Characters
  • <p> <b>Yuuri:</b> Main boy, also fluffiest boy, also sweetest boy, also hottest katsudon that ever walked this earth. Would give infinite hugs and also let him eat all the katsudon he wanted.<p/><b>Viktor:</b> Oh, he's beautiful. No, like, really gorgeous. He even cries pretty. Did you see it! Even Yuuri was struck by it! He loves Yuuri btw and doesn't care that the world knows.<p/><b>Yuri/Yurio:</b> Russian fairy, Ice Tiger, angry cat son to Viktor and Yuuri. Loves his overly affectionate dads even if they are stupid. Really likes cats, piroshki and Otabek.<p/><b>Phichit:</b> Instagram god. I swear, his eyeliner is always on point. And he has such a pure dream. Loves his phone, his hamsters and Yuuri because they're best friends. Is definitely gonna be Yuuri's best man.<p/><b>Chris:</b> CUMMING. Sorry, he just loves skating. Like a lot. Came a few times too. He's hot and Swiss, has a cute cat and a sexy boyfriend who we have yet to learn the full name of! Viktor's number one bro.<p/><b>Minami:</b> NUMBER ONE FANBOY OF YURI KATSUKI. He looks like a chicken nugget, dances like a spicy nugget and is everyone who looks at Yuuri thinking, He's a God! Cheered for Yuuri and Yurio.<p/><b>Leo:</b> Latino American hottie, end of story. Also a fanboy. Guang is his best friend, cough, boyfriend, cough.<p/><b>Guang:</b> Cute adorable Chinese boy. He loves his technology and Leo. Give him more teddy bears to squish and nom on!<p/><b>Otabek:</b> HAWT MAN. There's no words to describe how gorgeous he is. He kidnapped Yurio, became friends with him then bit off his glove and now they're dating. Bears, cats, Yurio, the end.<p/><b>Emil:</b> Discount Pewdiepie. Kidding, not kidding. Actually, he's adorable and would get all the hugs he wanted. He loves Mickey even if Mickey doesn't love him back.<p/><b>Michele/Mickey:</b> Angry Italian intensifies! Sister complex intensifies! Seriously, he loves her to death. He is nice looking but only has eyes for Sara. He should point them to Emil.<p/><b>Sara:</b> Beautiful, splendid, stunning. She's just really, really pretty. So pretty. 10/10 gay for her. Mila's her girlfriend, hehe. Loves her brother but wishes he'd back off a bit.<p/><b>Mila:</b> Goddess. She can bench press Yurio, probably Georgi and Viktor too. Everything about her is sublime, she's the best big sister to the angry Russian punk and best friend, girlfriend, to Sara.<p/><b>Georgi:</b> DRAMATICS X80. Anya, where are you?! Oh, you left me. NOOOOO. Makeup is on point though. But heavy but still on point. Extend the neck.<p/><b>JJ:</b> IT'S JJ STYLE MOTHERF*CKERS! Canadian but everyone doubts that. He has a tramp stamp, teases Yurio and has a pretty fiancee. It's JJ style.<p/><b>Seung-Gil Lee:</b> Korean husband with a beautiful husky. Hates people, like keep them away from him. Cried once and made everyone want to hug him. It's terrified that Yuuri will hug him again.<p/><b></b> (Add on if I forgot anyone!)<p/></p>