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  • 41. Harley x Fem!Reader Pt.6 x
  • 42. Laurel Lance x Fem!Reader x
  • 43. Margot x Fem!Reader Pt.2 x
  • 44. Vamp!Supergirl x Fem!Reader x
  • 45. Barry’s little sister x
  • 46. Margot’s Daughter x
  • 47. Kara x Reader x Felicity x
  • 48. Rey x Fem!Reader x
  • 49. Leonard x young fem!reader x Mick x
  • 50. Margot x Male! Reader x
  • 51. Kara Danvers x Fem!Reader x
  • 52. Iris West x Fem!Reader x
  • 53. Veronica Lodge x Fem!Reader x
  • 54. Alex Danvers x Fem!Reader x
  • 55. Veronica Lodge x Fem! Reader x Betty Cooper x
  • 56. Iris West x Fem!Reader x
  • 57. Kara Danvers x Male!Reader x
  • 58. Winn x Reader x
  • 59. Team Flash x Teen!Fem!Reader (family) x
  • 60. Diana Prince x Fem!Reader x
  • 61. Laurel Lance x Fem!Reader x

Getting sick of hearing people ever-so-willing to call out the anime for having Goku “out of character” (when he’s not) yet I’ve yet to see anyone call out the manga for doing not only the exact same sort of thing, but arguably more aggressively and with less context.

Take for example the scene where Goku spars with Trunks in the Future Trunks arc. Goku’s having fun with the kid, starts to overpower him, then shows him the power of SSJ3 so Trunks knows he has something more to work toward.

In the manga… well..

Let’s see here. Super Saiyan forms work as base multipliers.Super Saiyan is your base strength x50 SSJ2 is STATED to be your power as a Super Saiyan multiplied twice over, though honestly I find that low balling it unless we’re multiplying that by factors of 50 or something. But either way, that’d be your base power x100. It’s far weaker than SSJ3, which is apparently Super Saiyan x8, or your base multiplied by x400. Meaning in this scene, for Trunks to simply power up like that, he either has to have special rules that apply only to him… or he’s about 4 times as powerful as Goku in his base form or more. Meaning that Goku and Vegeta both should have, in fact HAVE to be like flies to him, and would be of zero help at all without him having known of SSJ3 and the God ki.

(”Power scaling is bullsh!t!” no, power LEVELS are BS in this series, but in terms of SSJ multipliers, it’s been consistent.)

But that’s not why we’re here. Let’s take a peek.

Yep. Goku, in an effort to save face and not be beaten by someone in a lower form, quickly dropped into his Red God form (which he still has for some reason) and smacked Trunks in the back of the head. Dude literally fought dirty in a friendly spar to avoid embarrassment.

Now I wanna know something: in a series where Goku so much as forgetting Senzu beans gets multi-paragraph dissertations and protest letters from this fandom, decrying how the anime has ruined Goku by… having him be a doof… why then was this never addressed? Instead, all we got was the fandom essentially fellating Trunks, praising this “well written development” that was good because… well because it made another fave look good. And this manga gets praise for “handling Goku infinitely better”… despite having Goku pull one of the most childish and immature moves he’d done in a long while.

Now I get this to a degree. I do. For the longest time, we’ve started adjusting to the idea that the anime was off, the manga was always the key. And it’s real easy to default to that now because we feel it’s convenient.

But the thing is, this manga not only plays fast and loose with characterization whenever it sees fit, but even the established rules of the series itself, as you can see above. It kept the red God form as a separate Super Saiyan form, despite the series (and the movie before it since people like to argue that takes precedent for some reason) that Goku had absorbed that into himself. It was part of him now. It’s why he was strong enough to keep pressing Beerus even as a regular ol’, Super Saiyan, and why he can now modify that form by mixing that ki. It now has a completely unnecessary explanation of Time Trave, one that we not only didn’t NEED, but actually causes some continuity issues and raises a lot more questions than anything else. It did this. It took what was meant to be a humorous misunderstanding about a kiss and turned it into a definitive statement, even had Goku so conservative he thought Trunks was being “bold” for doing that in public. The same Goku who walks around naked and walks in on folks naked sometimes and doesn’t get the fuss.

This is part of what I meant earlier when I’d said the fandom likes to get swept up in emotion and not look at things rationally. They like the manga better because a few specific things they didn’t like are done in a way they like better, but that then requires you to ignore far more egregious things that they do here. 

Big picture, folks.


House Upgrade Level 2: Country Style, Japanese Style & Tropical Style.

Note that even though it always cost 150.000G (135.000G with discount bonus) to upgrade your house, different materials will be required for each style, so you better spare right stuff so that you can build your dream house! Or else, you can always buy the materials too, I guess. You will also get access to toilet and bathroom after upgrading your house to lvl 2. Using toilet and bathroom will restore a little bit of your stamina in exchange to some minutes (15 for toilet and 30 for bathroom).

Country Style: Brick Stone x50, Lumber x40, Maple Branch x35, Chamomile x30.

Japanese Style: Lumber x30, Stone Material x50, Pine Branch x30, Bamboo x7.

Tropical Style: Lumber x50, White Cloth x5, Red Down x20, Green Down x20.

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I'm trash as well, so hey~, loving the blog! How would the Akatsuki react to their s/o going into labor?

Well darling anon, I’m glad you asked. For starters, The main one to panic would be Kisame. The reason for this is because he did not read up or research ANYTHING during the ENTIRE pregnancy at all. Hidan would probably not be live his girl when she says that her water is broken. “Stop screwing with me. Oh you’re serious!? SHIT, we gotta get to the hospital I guess.” Pain and Itachi are the most annoying and ‘in your face’ about the whole thing. Are you okay at you okay are you okay (x50) Konan as a pregnant mommy going into labor is surprisingly calm most of the way through, and Zetsu is calm as well offering reassurance to his lover during this pivotal moment. Kakuzu is quiet but internally stressed out and STILL worried about if he’ll be a good enough dad. Tobi is mentally unprepared and probably soesnt stand by his lover during labor or the delivery. Tobi will make up for it with gifts and such after everything is finished. Deidara and Saaori also don’t join their love in the delivery room during the process. If they’re both going through the same thing on the same day then they probably both stand outside the hospital rooms together and chat about upcoming fatherhood.

New Sheets

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Warnings: fluff (x50), girl stuff, mentions of blood in the beginning

A/N: I was so fucking excited when I got all these notes on my Negan one shot and I had this one for Carl made, so I thought I’d show him some love, too. Thank you for all of your love and support. My ask box is open, so request things if you want.


Y/N rolled out of bed, frowning when she saw her ruined sheets. She’d figured Aunt Flo would be back for a visit now that her diet had returned to somewhat normal and her body was getting proper nutrients. She shuffled to her bathroom, retrieving pads from underneath the sink.

Once she’d finished, she went to the bedroom, grabbing the sheets off the bed and crumbling them onto a pile, leaving them in the bathtub before going downstairs. Michonne sat at the kitchen island, reading a book while Judith ate her cheerios. “Um, Michonne?” She glanced up at Y/N. “Can I uh, can I ask you for a favor?”

“Sure, what’s up?” Her cheeks flushed red as she glanced down at the floor.

“Can I um, can I have some new sheets?”

“You too, huh?”

“What do you mean?”

“We’ve all got it. Carol, me, Tara, Rosita, Maggie, Sasha.” Michonne led her to the linen closet, grabbing a new set of sheets and handing them to her. “Just throw the other ones away, it’s not a big deal.”

Y/N’s bed was fixed, her sheets shoved in the garbage for burning when her boyfriend Carl decided to get up, making his way to her room and bursting in as she was shoving the sheets in the trash. “Hey, is that -  is that blood on the sheets?” Y/N whipped around, her face bright red and she stepped in front of the can. “Y/N, are you okay? Are you hurt? Did you…did you get bit?”

“No, no. I uh, I’m not…hurt.”

“Then what…oh.” It had finally clicked and soon his face was as red as hers. “I’m um, I’m going to go read comics with the guys. I’ll see you later?” She nodded softly, feeling more than a little embarrassed as Carl left her room, shutting the door behind him

“Dad?” Carl came up the steps to the platform where they stood watch. “Can I ask you about something?”

“Yeah, sure. Is everything okay?”

“Well, um. It’s Y/N.”

“Is she okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, well, no, not really, but…she’s on her… you know.”


“I don’t know how to handle it. Like, what should I do? They always told it us was painful when we were in school and stuff. How can I help her?”

“Okay, here’s what you do…”

Y/N felt her shoulder being shaken. He opened her eyes, rubbing them and focusing in on Carl who stood over her, smiling softly. “Hey, everything okay?” She asked.

“Well, uh, I remembered being told in school that like, periods hurt.”

“Um, sometimes, yeah.”

“Come here,” he pulled her hand softly, letting her stand up before leading her to the bathroom. He opened the door, revealing the huge bathtub almost filled to the brim with water and bubbles, three tealight candles on each side of the tub, and placed sporadically around the rest of the bathroom. Y/N’s mouth fell open at the sight, and she turned to Carl, tears in her eyes.

“Y-You did this…for me?”

“Yeah,” he smiled at her, his cheeks rosy. She smiled wide, throwing her arms around him and pressing her face into his neck, leaving tiny kisses there.

“Thank you. You don’t know how much this means to me.”

“I just want to make you feel comfortable,” he told her, petting her hair down before pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

Carl left the bathroom shortly after, allowing Y/N to pull her clothes off and slip into the warm bath tub. The hot water did wonders for her achy body. It helped her back and made the throbs from her cramps less prominent. She laid down in the bubbles, resting her head on the back of the tub, allowing the water to soothe her body.

Soon her relaxing was over, the water was starting to go cold so she quickly shaved and washed her body off, pulling the plug and blowing out the candles as she made her way over to the shower. She washed her hair quickly, allowing the water to get all the soap suds and residue off her body before shutting it off and getting out of the shower, grabbing a towel to wrap around her head and one to wrap around her body.

She squealed when she opened the door, her bathroom being much warmer than the rest of the house, running over to jump into bed where Carl was waiting. She wore Carl’s clothing as always, one of his old t-shirts and a pair of his boxers that had a hole in the leg over her underwear. He peeled the covers back so she could jump in, tucking them over her immediately. He laid on his side, pulling her on hers and straight into his chest, wrapping his arms around her and rubbing his hand up her back softly. “I owe you so much,” she said into his chest, pulling away to crane her neck up and look at him.

“You don’t owe me anything,” he told her. “I didn’t want to see you uncomfortable. And just…taking care of you makes me…I don’t know, it just makes me happy.”

“You are the best boyfriend in the world.”

“I’m sure you won’t find much competition at this time,” he joked. She laughed, rolling her eyes and grabbed his head in her hands, angling his face down she she could press her lips to his. “I have one more surprise for you.”

“Carl,” she whined. “You’re setting the bar way too high.” He laughed letting go of her with one hand and flattening himself on his back, reaching into the nightstand that was his when he stayed the night and pulling out a cookies and cream candy bar. He turned over again, holding it in front of her face as her eyes lit up. “Where did you get this? I’ve been looking everywhere for one!”

“I have my ways. I wanted to save it for something special, felt like you deserved it.” Y/N felt the tears start rolling down her face, laughing at the confusion on Carl’s. “Baby?”

“I’m okay, gorgeous. I’m just really happy right now,” she told him as he cupped her face, wiping the tears away with his thumb. “I love you, Carl,” she whispered then, turning her head to kiss his palm.

“I love you too, Y/N.” Carl pulled her to him again and the two of them talked about stuff from the old world and things that had happened recently, all the while sharing Y/N candy bar. They knew life was short, but at that moment they couldn’t have been more content.

Do you think Maui is Moana’s ancestor?

Think about it. Maui was born as a human, with human parents. They could have had more than one kid after they threw Maui into the sea. Considering Maui is over a thousand years old, it could be possible that Moana and he are related somehow and he’s like her great (x50) uncle or something.

They almost have the same dark, curly hair; both of them have darkish skin; their eyes are about the same color; they even have the same sassy attitude. 

It’s entirely possible. Just think on that for a bit.

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I don't know if you're still taking requests for the drabble game but if you are can I ask for Jae and #50? If you're not, then thank you either way, and also, your writing is lovely <3

Aw, thanks. You’re sweet =)

(bet you didn’t think it’d happen this fast, did you? yep. neither did I. but i’m in an abundance of feels tonight so I hope you like this)

100 Ways to Say I Love You x

50. I think you’re beautiful | Jae

You don’t panic very often, but when you do it’s usually Jae’s fault.

You stare at your screen, internally screaming at yourself for something you now can’t take back. It’s too late. You’ve already said it. You will just have to forever live with the consequences of your careless fingers. There are worse things, you say to yourself. Like you could’ve said it out loud instead. You could’ve blurted out such a thing while you and Jae were walking towards your next class. Or maybe when, sometimes, he takes you out for smoothies like the good friend that he is. Or maybe, perhaps the most frantic of them all, when he walks you home at night and the street lamps hit his face just right and you know it’s not the yellow lights above that’s making him glow. He glows on his own, and that’s how you know you’re too far gone.



Five minutes later, and still nothing. Your phone displays the last thing you’ve sent him and this time you crawl under your covers and scream into your pillow, ignoring your roommate’s shushing you— she’s studying for an important exam but so what? This is you life we’re talking about. You’re in a legitimate emergency and nothing is going to make this right.

Nothing, except the totally unnecessary and frantic knocking at your door. Your roommate is ignoring it on purpose. That’s fair. You don’t even bother righting yourself, it’s probably just your neighbour from across the hall needing something, some book, notes, whatever, and it’s not like you need to look like you’re about to slay the heavens for that.


Jae is standing outside your door, some package in a brown paper bag cradled in his hands.

“Did you actually mean what you said?”

You close the door in his face, pat down your hair, straighten your shirt and your pyjama bottoms, then open the door again. “Look…I’m sorry—”

“I think—”

“I don’t know what I was saying—”

“I mean, yeah we’ve been friends a while like—”

“Like I think I’m half-asleep but—”

“I think you’re beautiful, too.”

“And I know that I’m just–what?”

Jae offers you the paper bag, and you peer inside to find your favourite ice cream flavour. You look up at him, his nearly white hair in a fluffy mess on top of his head. That’s when you notice that he, too, was in his pyjamas. His glasses were askew, and you reach out to right them on his nose.

“What did you say?” you ask again.

“I think you’re beautiful. Always have.”

“So…you ran all the way here to say that?”

He shrugs, like it’s the most normal thing to do. “Had to be sure. Also, ice cream. Can’t send ice cream through the phone.”

You close the door behind you, and the two of you sit outside in the hall in amicable silence, smiling at each other unsure what to say first.

Jae breaks the quiet streak. “So I didn’t bring a spoon and I think the ice cream’s melting.”

How romantic.