Southern Pacific steam locomotive # 4449, with the American Freedom Train is seen during the night in the SCL Uceta Railroad Yard at Tampa, Florida, December 1976 by alcomike43 on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
The American Freedom Train was being lead by Southern Pacific steam locomotive # 4449, a GS-4 class Northern, on a large portion of its trip around the United States. The steam locomotive in this view was located at the SCL Uceta Railroad Yard in Tampa, Florida, December 1976, after arriving from Orlando. Later in the morning the train departed Tampa for the remainder of it’s historic display tour trip in Florida. The night was foggy which helped to provide a late feel to the photo. The locomotive & tender was painted in a red, white & blue paint scheme for the AFT. The locomotive was a semi-streamlined, modern, powerful, high speed, oil burning, booster equiped steam locomotive built by Lima Locomotive Works during 1941.