#34 - Chrysocolla
Fusion of: Dioptase and Sapphire 
Gem Type: Chrysocolla
Weapon(s): A greatsword able to split into two smaller swords.
Skills/Powers: She is surprisingly powerful, so Sapphire and Dioptase are usually allowed to fuse only in dire situations, although this isn’t always the case. She can also summon crystals from the ground.
Personality: Chrysocolla is a confident strategist, able to make precise decisions in the heat of battle. She has a tendency to take dangerous risks when she deems it necessary which can cause grief for her teammates. Although she appears stoic and cool, once she opens her mouth it’s plain to see how far from the truth that really is; she constantly makes puns, jokes, and over the top monologues as she fights.

It’s amazing what you can find on Craigslist! Luckily it still flies and has only 155000 miles on it. It’s engine has been fixed up to withstand the rainy weather here and all the sand was removed. Unfortunately we have to wait till warmer weather till we can go cruising. #landspeeder #x34 #tatooine #dreamcometrue