Adventures in San Diego

      San Diego was home of endless shenanigans, spliffs, and adventures. To start, the flight from Kahului to LAX was usual, the hours fly by for me at this point. I love LAX, I always look for great connections to make while I float the airport. I was the first to touch the soil of San Diego out of the 808 Breakers. Other than my crew member Artic Fox, who is housing the crew in San Diego. We stop by a local In N Out, and call it a night around midnight.

     The next morning I awake to half of the crew lugging their shit in. Ayo, Bo, Jack, Andrew, and his girlfriend Erika arrive and the party began as soon as the door shut behind em. We do our little catching up as we wait for another crew member, Oolong d to show up. He finally shows up and of course we hit the mall with Artic Fox’s hometown homie, Fortune. After some shoppin, we head to the top of a huge hill, awaiting us was stairs leading to a huge cross. The monument offered the most perfect cypher spot with a view overlooking the town and city of San Diego. We end up buggin out for the whole night… Rappin, hanging out, and breaking of course. Everyone was excited, amped, and probably a little nervous. We knew that the battle was coming up in a couple of days, so we took the time to set off the vibe right. That night was pure 808 Breakers.


  David, Oolong D of the 808 Breakers // enjoying tea at secret 808 breakers location

     The rest of the week was great, we all made a bunch of unforgettable memories as the rest of the crew progressively landed in San Diego. Then, the day came…battle time. 

     Morning of the battle, everyone is laughing having a good time during breakfast. Talking strategies, and other topics about the jam. We head out and finally found the venue. Outside at the entrance was a concoction of metal beams and soft foam landing mats, and next to it an air pumped trampoline. The goal of the jam was to bring the audience of ‘tricking’  and bboying under the same roof. It was a pretty cool crowd and we all mixed well, so I say it was successful and interesting take on a jam. Inside was the standard gymnastics gym, with a stage in the back and cypher areas. The huge roof and room of the venue really set a good energy to the pace of the jam, plus the music the dj was spinning progressively grew on me as the 808 Breakers hit the cypher.

     We don’t even stretch before testing the waters of a cypher near where we dropped all of our stuff at. Having the whole crew on our Aloha button up shirt game was a smart choice, we definetaly got peoples attention. We had all our cameras rolling as we fed the cypher energy, which led to more bboys circling up. 20 minutes later of making noise, we had about 20-30 bboys in and out of the circle fighting for a chance to throw a round. I could point out about 5 different crews and other bboys I know about. My nerves start to get to me as I realize I’m about to do what I always wanted to do in a mainland jam…CYPHER. 808 Breakers dominated the circle for the first part of the jam, as it grew smaller towards the beginning of the battles. The crowd moved towards the stage as the war unfolded.

     We knew it was time to start stretching, and preparing ourselves mentally and physically. After having a good run in the cypher, we all felt confident. I feel that was key to our journey to the top. Defeating 4 crews, we arrive in the finals. Facing against a crew that I have always looked up to… Knuckle Headz Cali. Stacked with veterans of the game, Thesis and Flexum. Both still top tier competitors, I began to feel the pressure. Sadly, I feel I let it get to me, and faced defeat in my rounds to my own mind. I brush the defeat off as I know this was a great learning experience that will only progress me into the future.

    We spend the next few days celebrating and getting as much great footage for the Dvd as possible. Sunday came, and it was time for me and HiJack to leave. Hijack went back to home to Hawaii, as I prepared for another week of adventuring in Vegas.

And the journey continues…x2k…