Drama Queen for Dairy Queen” A Pinecest animatic

Hey guys! I present to you the gif version of an animatic me and my buds @edward-or-ford, @sprucepinecest @mrdaxxonford and @yaschiri has been working on! The video version of this is gonna’ take a bit, because we’d like to add voice acting, and Music to the video. Nonetheless here’s an awesome gif of what we’ve got in store! Hope you guys enjoy :D! 

Hey guys I know it’s been like centuries!!! but I’m feeling a bit of my old fire to draw Pinecest stuff again. I was gonna’ put this out with Dip’s response, buuut commisions for my other blog came up. So as soon as i’m all caught up with those i’ll draw up Dip’s response. For now though, enjoy some Mabel waiting for Dip to come warm her up :)! 

Alright, so request number 2 done! I know this is a little out of order haha. Next up was suppose to be Eskimo kisses, but I ran into a problem finishing that one up that led to me having to restart it. SO in order to calm my nerves I took on the next request which was “awkward hand holding” for maybe-qchan“ hmm, I guess this is more so awkward depending on the situation you imagine for it. Another funny thing about this is that my love for Japanese culture is present in this haha. Anyways, hope you like it 

It’s been a little bit since I posted hasn’t it? Been so busy with the project i’m working on with my friends that I haven’t really gotten a chance. So here’s a gif for you guys :D!!! It’s my first attempt at making something like this so I know it’s not the greatest, but hey…i’m learning, and that’s what counts. I’m probably gonna be doing a halloween pic soon so look forward to that guys :D!!! Anyways hope you all like it!

alright guys here’s Request 5! This request was for absolutechimera who wanted to see some “RevPinesXPines art” I ended up choosing Rev Mabel and DIpper because they’re particularly my favorite out of the 2 pairings. Okay, so in my head what’s happening in this pic goes like this. Rev Mabel offered DIp a chance to kiss her any way he liked. So him being the guy that he is gives her a forehead kiss just to tease her a bit. She looks a little ticked off about it, buuuut she secretly likes it haha. Well anyways guys hope you like it :)!


These three fantastic drawings are the result of a commission I gave to pinestimes2 (Pines X 2) in order to mark the release of my newly revised story, Fistbump Redux

He created depictions of all three of the scenes that gave my story its title. He did a great job, capturing the moments even more vividly than I could have pictured in my head. He did this the old fashioned way, by laboriously drawing the images manually (using ink on paper). I’m so happy with how these turned out! Thank you for your hard work on this commission, Pines X 2!

So now that commissions are all done. I decided to go back to do those request I promised, and I guess i’m still doing them a bit out of order haha. This request was for my bud @ask-awkward-teen-dipper who wanted Dipper to be pointing a demon killing colt at Bill Cipher. I think I made it a little more action packed then he may have wanted haha. when I look at this all I think about is Grunkle Stan saying “That’s why i’m hard on him. So when the world fights, he fights back”. Anyways I had a lot of fun drawing this, and I know this isn’t really Pinecest related. Hey, I bet one of you fic writers out there can probably make this scene Pinecest related somehow by making a story for it, but I’ll get back to the lovey dovey stuff in the next pic XD