#25 - Kyanite
Fusion of: Moldavite and Lolite
Gem Type: Kyanite
Weapon(s): Bladed Slingshot, with green metal orbs as ammo.
Skills/Powers: Kyanite is a nimble dancer, whose swift and accurate movements come handy in battle. She’s very flexible, can withstand extreme temperatures, and has masterful aim with her slingshot.
Personality: Although she can feel a bit shy and nervous around others, Kyanite has a strong air of charisma to her. She likes to cheer others on and cheer them up whenever she can. She can be a bit silly or clutzy sometimes, but she desperately tries to use that to make others laugh, even if she can be a little ridiculous. When the people or things she holds dear to her are put in danger, she has a calm anger that she channels into her fighting.

@Regrann from @xproducts - @fnh_usa @fn_america #SCAR17 in desperate need of optics, who wants to donate? @xproducts #x17 lower and #x25 308 drum suppressed and ready to shooooosh it’s way out of any situation! #Regrann

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Recebemos da editora Novatec dois "tijolos".

PessoALL, boa tarde !

Recebemos da editora Novatec dois “tijolos”.

O primeiro Flex 4 avancado, e’  um monstro de quase 600 paginas, abarrotado de codigo. Para nos, desenvolvedores java, o capitulo7 e’ super interessante, “Integracao do Flex com java utilizando servicos”

O segundo, um catatau com mais de 600 paginas, “Google Android - Aprenda a criar aplicacoes para dispositivos moveis usando o SDK”. Este livro veio como contribuicao para o nosso projeto do AndroidRybena’, que esta’  na metade do processo de traducao e ja’  conta com 505 alunos pre-inscritos, aguardando a disponibilizacao deste material.

Mais detalhes sobre os quase 400 livros do acervo DFJUG/X25 voce encontra em http://www.dfjug.org/educacionais.jsp

Agradecemos a editora Novatec pelo voto de confianca no nosso trabalho comunitario

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So the X25

has a massive fucking wake.

That’s what we went wakeboarding out on this morning (it’s a Mastercraft if anyone cares) and while it’s a BEAUTY of a boat

it also has a HUGE wake

and here i am, sitting on my bed

still feeling it. which is both awesome, and sort of discombobulating.

i fucking love my life though. seriously.


Palestra Android X25 Treinamento - FLISOL 2011 - Parte 3