I just want to say that we should be all soooo grateful and proud of our Alec and Magnus and  stop criticising every slight detail!!! I mean they look AMAZING !!! The red highlights, the angst in Magnus’s face, Alec’s hope-relief and terror!!! It’s more than I ever dreamt would happen in the show and i’m just soooo happy and satisfied....They deserve a huge applause !!!!

Abstract Geometric - 12”x12” card stock, art markers and pen

My first on a 12”x12” - my wife came across a pack remnant of it that had been used by us in ??? for some kind of forgotten work project.

On very temporary display on our shower curtain Monday evening - photo credit: my son. My hands shake too much for high angle shots. It went out to a friend in yesterday’s mail. Good times!

Earl Gray
September 3, 2014

 #12 - ‘Paddy’
Fusion of: Diaspore and Zircon
Gem Type: Padparadscha
Weapon: A Ball & Chain 
Skills/Powers: Agile, quick thinking, and sturdy. Her arms and legs are both very strong, she’s very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.
Personality: Confident with her fighting skills, quiet but friendly. Never rude to anyone, but can often come off as distant. Happy to be on her own, but still good with a small group of people.
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