February 25, 2015 - progress on my peperomia prostrata planter - I found a suitable base at Marshalls: set of 3 bamboo cutting boards for $9.99. The middle size (8”x10”) fit perfectly. Two issues: I wanted to elevate the base with feet of some kind and the handle made the whole base look too much like a cutting board. I solved both issues by cutting off the handle portion of the board and using those pieces to prop up the entire base. The effect is the base sort of floats above the surface. I’m quite happy with how this looks…now on to painting!

the signs drunk
  • Aries:loud, sloppy, sexual, prone to doing stupid things
  • Taurus:is way too happy and tells everyone they look pretty
  • Gemini:risk-taking, sexual, flirtatious
  • Cancer:tells bad jokes, very loud and flirtatious, then gets really weepy
  • Leo:the king of sloppy drunks. slurs, vomits on people, falls down a lot
  • Virgo:is either REALLY LOUD or gets quieter and quieter until they pass out
  • Libra:extremely flirtatious, overly friendly, basically themselves except x10
  • Scorpio:gets hella turnt up and fun, then ends crying about their love life and passing out
  • Sagittarius:loud and risk-taking. possibly an angry drunk.
  • Capricorn:is really good at hiding the fact that they're drunk...until they puke on your shoes
  • Aquarius:super weird, super hilarious, does a whole lot of stupid shit
  • Pisces:huggy and nice, flirtatious, then gets really sad or possibly angry