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My own selection of #2014 NBA All Star#  Team1 and Team2. Illustration drawing by UniPin++Watercolor+Photoshop.

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best handling classic fiat? what about alfa romeo?

Has the Fiat Coupe been around long enough to be called a classic? That would be my pic, but otherwise an X1/9. I’ve not driven many Alfa’s but I guess my pick would be an Alfetta GT/GTV

1969 Autobianchi Runabout Spyder | Bertone | Roadster | Open Two Seater | Concept | Prototype | Sports Car | 1.1L Fiat 128 Inline 4 55hp

Italian Auto Company, Autobianchi, produced cars from 1955 to 1995 as a division of Fiat | The Runabout became the basis of the Fiat X1/9


After ten years (1972–1982) Fiat handed over production to its creator: the razor sharp, mid-engined Bertone X1/9 (1982–1988), dream car of my youth. We haven’t seen one for at least fifteen years. And we have to show its owner some respect: to put a Ferrari badge on a car like this, that rot like mad and whose restoration must have caused pecuniary injury, is contemporary art for well-informed circles. In the 80s ​these decals stuck on almost every baby Ferrari.