E quando você encontrar alguém, e esse alguém também encontrar você. E o mundo inteiro parar, e a tal “música” tocar na rádio, e você der um suspiro, e você ver sua vida inteira nos olhos dessa pessoa, parabéns, é Ela. O Destino “encontrou” vocês.
—  Rennan Alves. 
BillDip being sick head canons

-Being a human with a less than perfect immune system Dipper occasionally gets colds and flus and rather than resting willingly is usually forced to take bed rest by Bill, lest he find himself duck tapped to the bed. Again.

-Despite not fully understanding humans Bill still makes Dipper soup and brings him tea, along with the occasional coloring book, because despite feeling helpless he still loves his pine tree.

-bill typically catches whatever dippers sick with due to the fact that he can’t keep his mouth to himself.

-bill is the worse out of the two of them, claiming he’s on death’s door despite just suffering a hay fever.

-despite making promises of sex whenever they are sick and home alone together, the two of them are usually passed out with a box of tissues between them and tonic water before anything can happen.

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There's these things called 'lifts' the you put in your shoes to make yourself taller so now I HC that Prompto is only 5'3 and puts lifts in his shoes to make himself 5'8

Hope you like some Promptio written on my phone because I’m out right now, and this is too good not to write a blurb about!
(I’ll edit this when I get home!)

EDIT: Proofread and check for a word count now~ Read it under the cut, my friends! C:

Word Count: 1634
Pairing(s): Gladiolus Amicitia x Prompto Argentum
Warnings: None

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I don't think anyone's asked you for any Voltron fic recs in a while (definitely not since S3 came out), so... any new faves to share with the class? S3-related or not.

haaaaaa So, I have a list a mile long of fics I’ve been meaning to read, and I absolutely intended to use my break between Duality seasons to catch up on that…. but that was before season 3 dropped and I wrote my impulse Shatt Week/Kuron-centric fic and signed up for three bangs…

So I haven’t actually read all that much recently. I don’t remember if I’ve recced either of these before, but two fics have to get special recognition for being… basically the only ongoing fics that I’m caught up on and will drop,,, well, anything to read the new chapter:

The Marks We Make (120k+) (Klance soulmate AU with background Shallura and Hunay, notable for including Muggle Quidditch!)

The Last Aspect (130k+) (timetravel AU where Keith and Lance come back from a future where the rest of the team died and try to fix things; Klance and Shatt)

((Also, I just realized while going through my history on AO3 that it’s been close to a month since I last started anything new….. hahhhhh. Well, trust me when I say that I’m in the middle of three or four very good longfics, and if/when I actually get around to finishing them I’ll probably be reccing them.))

Anyway, here’s a couple I’ve read (semi-)recently and really enjoyed:

Sad Machine (10k) (Shiro has a breakdown and the team helps him heal. Mind the warnings, but the hurt and the comfort balance each other out beautifully here. <3)

A Leg to Stand On (26k) (Hunk and Shiro are on a mission together when Shiro gets hurt, and it’s up to Hunk to take care of him and get them both home. Such a good Hunk fic, and the world needs more examples of Hunk and Shiro bonding.)

Girl’s Night (9k) (I can’t possibly sell this one better than the summary does: “When Allura asked Pidge to spend a “girl’s night” with her, Pidge set her expectations extremely low. (In which girl’s night takes an unexpected turn, shit gets straight up Alien (1979), and our heroes are in the vents, again. You know, normal girly stuff.)” The best bonding fic omg.)