This top turns see-through if you leave personal data exposed

Clothing reveals how much wearer is revealing.

by Liat Clark, wired.co.uk June 17 2014, 9:45am CST

A Brooklyn-based designer has created a 3D-printed sculptural boob tube to spark social commentary on the state of privacy in a data-driven world—by making the top gradually more sheer.

X.pose’s striking black webbed rubber structure was engineered using a Stratasys printer, molded to the body to ensure comfort and very much inspired by creator Xuedi Chen’s previous work, Invasive Growth (moss-grown jewelry based on the parasitic cordyceps fungus). But underneath, its layers tell another story about our lack of control and veritable vulnerability when it comes to who uses our data, what for, and how much they take.

This story originally appeared on Wired UK.

把自己赤裸裸的呈現在網路上 - x.pose

當我們每天不斷將自己的訊息發佈到網路、社群的時候,我們也漸漸的把自己越來越透明化,什麼秘密都藏不住了。而紐約大學學生 Xuedi Chen 與 Pedro Oliveira 就在 Thesis Week 以這個概念發表了這個名為〝x.pose〞的概念作品。

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