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I really like your posts on Jadeite/Rei (art and everything). Great job, keep on keeping on. Regarding Kaidou, do you think his personality resembles Jadeite's (their physical similarity is obvious enough)? Or do you headcanon them as different people? Personally I view Jadeite as someone who's somewhat more ruthless, with a stronger personality (not unlike Rei herself), while Kaidou strikes me as someone who obeys Senator Hino a bit too much sometimes, but that's just me, of course.

Really interesting question, and it will be a long post.

I like the idea of Rei falling in love with Kaidou because he looks like Jadeite (Rei has the same heart of Mars, and there’s a place for just ONE man in Mars’ heart: in Kaidou, Rei unconsciously recognizes Jadeite).

So, I think somehow Kaidou is similar to Jadeite.

For starter, I should start from how and why Rei fell in love for Kaidou and from Rei’s idea (and fear) of falling in love.

(Honestly, I am bit annoyed by people telling that Jadeite/Mars in Crystal is against manga’s canon: Rei isn’t lesbian neither asexual in manga, despite her “I don’t need men” and her vow or chastity, and I am going to explain why Mars/Jadeite isn’t against Rei’s canon in manga)

In order to understand why Rei/Jadeite works and how Jadeite should be in order to be a good match for Rei, let’s start from Rei’s personality.

1) More than a lover, Kaidou was a confident for Rei, a big brother, a close friend: this is why she fell in love (before to realize she was in love). I think that Rei hates all the rituals of love and she is attracted to someone coming close her as friend and confident more than to someone showing a physical and romantic attraction to her.

It’s also interesting to note that Kaidou seems a lot older than Rei!!! When she is still a little girl, Kaidou looks already an adult man!!!. Rei looks more for a confident - big brother - than a lover; she looks for a man and for a boy.

2) Rei is afraid of falling in love because she thinks that falling in love means to become dependent on someone, so risking to be weak when left alone (people should depend on themselves and not on others): Rei hates her father for abandoning her mother but she also criticizes her mother for being weak (dying after her husband left her alone).

PLEASE, note that, in this scene, Rei says also that she doesn’t need friends!!!!: it’s the time before her meeting Usagi and the Senshi. Basically, Rei is afraid of having friends and having a husband because she fears to be abandoned by people she could start depend on!!

3) Rei is also afraid of becoming possessive if she fell in love, because she is aware of her passionate nature. 

I also think you can read her chastity vow this way: in eastern culture chastity has a wider meaning, in the sense of not being distracted from your duty by your passions. Mars fears her own passions, since she is the Guardian of Passions and Flames, so she must learn to control her fire. She fears love because she thinks she couldn’t control it and it could change her into a selfish person.

Please, also read carefully Mars’ dream in Dream: Rei doesn’t rejects the idea of falling in love with a man, but the idea of becoming a selfish person by marrying a rich man, and so forgetting her role as Senshi. Rei is rejecting the idea of marrying a man for convenience: a rich man in order to have a wealthy life. A marriage for convenience is also the way Kaidou broke her heart (I think Rei would have accepted Kaidou marrying another woman for love, but he chose a marriage for convenience).

3) Kaidou betrays her by marrying another woman for his career, a marriage for convenience. This is what breaks Rei’s heart.

Note that Rei says clearly she would marry Kaidou, if he chose her. Few panels before Rei says she will never get married (and she also says she doesn’t need friends!!), but then she says she would marry Kaidou. 

AGAIN: Rei doesn’t rejects the idea of falling in love and marrying a man, but she is scared by her own feelings (her becoming possessive over the man she loves) and by the fear of being abandoned after becoming dependent on that man.

All that “I don’t need men” - “I am not interested in men” - “I don’t trust men” in manga just shows Rei’s fear of falling in love (because of her father’s attitude to her mother and because of Kaidou), as her saying “I don’t have any friends, I don’t have any use for them, you can’t place your trust in people” before meeting Usagi and the Senshi showed her previous fear in friendship too.


In order to match Rei’s personality, Jadeite should be kind and patient (being kind and patient doesn’t mean your personality is weak!), acting more like a confident than a lover. He is by Rei’s side when she needs him, but he is never intrusive. So, yes, is somehow like Kaidou.

Of course, Rei trusts Jadeite and he never betrays her trust. 

BUT! Remember that Jadeite is Endymion’s Guardian, and Endymion comes first (the way Mars is Serenity’s Guardian, and Serenity comes first). I think that both Mars and Jadeite are aware of their role, and they know (and accept) that their role comes first, then comes their love.

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