Fuckin Wit a Psycho
Fuckin Wit a Psycho

X-Raided - Fuckin Wit A Psycho

“This’ll be the day that I die
Lettin the nigga bleed cause I shot a fuckin hole in his eye
That niggaz’ brain pissed blood just because of my 9
Sayin, "Please don’t let me die”
I let the muthafucka die
The others cry and beg for their souls
I killed 50 people now I’m diggin 50 holes
One got away, Number 49 is runnin
He fell a few times boom, boom, I kept comin
You can run but you can’t escape
And if you wanna know more, Yo
I had a vision of a murder
X-Raided sittin in the house with the 9 in my hand and a joint in my mouth"

The Raid (Dean x Reader)

So here it is. Nothing special, just a lot of my thoughts on season 12 episode 14 put into what the reader tells Mary with a little bit of fluffy cuteness at the end. 

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Words: 3172

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

Excerpt: “Then why—”

“Because he’s not thinking rationally,” you said.  “All Dean knows is that you weren’t there. Does it really matter why? And now he’s got you back, and, because he’s the ultimate family man, he thinks that everything is going to be okay. John isn’t here, but you are, and that’s good enough for him because now he doesn’t have to do it on his own. And then you go and do something like this.  You tell me why he’s mad.”

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Mary looked as if she was backed against a wall.  If you were being honest, you thought that maybe she deserved it.  Maybe she deserved whatever Dean said to her.

“I’m doing this for you,” she said in her ‘I’m your mother’ voice. “I’m playing three decades of catch-up here.”

Dean shook his head, shoulders set and jaw clenched. “And we’re not? How do you think this has been for us? We’re your sons, and you’ve been gone. Our whole lives, you’ve been gone.”

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anonymous asked:

can you link to those posts??

Sure thing sweetie! I’m not sure which ones you wanted so I linked to most of the posts I’ve written on Kingsglaive:

(just to disclaim - my personal blog is @kisarastrife, so I’m not stealing posts - one anon barking at me about that is more than enough.)

[X] - the initial one about the Galahd raid timeline.

[X] - about Crowe and why she had to die.

[X] - the Kingsglaive members bring back Cactuar figures for Talcott.

[X] - Only Selena was mentioned as dying in-movie. Mama Ulric is alive and she is the ‘people’ waiting for Nyx back home.

[X] - Cor is Prompto’s stand-in father figure and trained him pre-game.

[X] - Nyx and Libertus pass each other on the day of the treaty-signing and don’t even notice.

[X] - a mix of little details and why the Malboro-kun charm on Nyx’s pinboard cannot be Crowe’s.

[X] - exactly why Nyx was so proficient at fighting Drautos/Glauca with one Kukri.

[X] - Nyx’s height … with a cameo from Petra the gate-guard and Drautos.

[X] - why I now ship Crowe and Pelna …


Alright, here it is. It’s small, not like my 29 fics on the old one, but here it is. Updated on: June 14, 2017

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The Raid (3172 words)

“Don’t Objectify Me” (1971 words)

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Guilt and Rain (2876 words)

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Not a Damsel in Distress Part I (3320 words)

Not a Damsel in Distress Part II (4332 words)

Coincidences Part I (4259 words)

Promise Me. (Pt. Two)


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: The raid of a Hydra base wasn’t successful for the 107th hoped and Bucky is among those taken prisoner. Meanwhile, Captain America stops by.

Word Count: 2,069

Warnings: Talk about war wounds, briefly talking about Bucky’s torture while captured by Hydra

The 107th had headed to take the Hydra base three days ago. Less than half of them had returned and Bucky wasn’t among them. Losing soldiers was the dark side to war and you were rather familiar with it. But this loss was darker than usual.

You were still expected to take care of the solders that did returned. And they had returned in a mess; physically and mentally. With a large group needing attention, all the tents were opened to one large room. As you accompanied the doctor from soldier to soldier you searched for Sergeant Barnes. He had been reported MIA since the group got back but the lump in the back of your throat didn’t let you give up hope. However none of these young men had those bright blue eyes. No one had that soft chestnut hair that laid perfectly unkempt. James Buchanan Barnes was not here.

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