Fuckin Wit a Psycho
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X-Raided - Fuckin Wit A Psycho

“This’ll be the day that I die
Lettin the nigga bleed cause I shot a fuckin hole in his eye
That niggaz’ brain pissed blood just because of my 9
Sayin, "Please don’t let me die”
I let the muthafucka die
The others cry and beg for their souls
I killed 50 people now I’m diggin 50 holes
One got away, Number 49 is runnin
He fell a few times boom, boom, I kept comin
You can run but you can’t escape
And if you wanna know more, Yo
I had a vision of a murder
X-Raided sittin in the house with the 9 in my hand and a joint in my mouth"


do you wanna get high? do ya wanna get hiiiiiigh, with me


X Raided - Spittin Venom


X Raided - Land of The Lost

The Unforgiven: Vol. 1

How long will I last before I fall off, running for my life in the land of the lost.